Mumblings on a Monday II

Just as all good movies have a sequel, so shall Mumblings on a Monday.  (Of course I know that even some BAD movies have sequels….so let’s just agree that the first installment of Mumblings on a Monday was a critical and box office success, and the writing is far better than anything George Lucas could do – even if the special effects aren’t quite up to par).

  • I hate winter!  For those of you in colder climes than Northeast Florida, you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is he thinking….he lives in FLORIDA!”  Well, Winter finally showed up in the Sunshine State over the weekend, and I was camping.  Saturday night’s low was in the mid 20’s.  This morning, the car registered the temperature as a balmy 24 degrees.  I frankly have no idea how you folks who live where it gets cold can stomach exercising outside.  I’m wearing about 300 layers and I’m still cold. 
  • Apparently Lance can do Tri:  So yesterday, Lance Armstrong raced the Panama 70.3 race, and did pretty darn well.  He took 2nd place in his debut race as a professional triathlete.  He averaged about 26mph on the bike – and according to some was “holding back” – and then ran a 1:17 half marathon.  Not bad for a bloke who hasn’t done triathlon in quite a few years.  It will be interesting to watch him race this season and see how well he does.
  • Rev3 Tri comes to Florida:  As you may recall, a while back I posted that Rev3 was going to host a tri in Sarasota, FL in October 2012.  Turns out that some issues actually became roadblocks and Sarasota came off the page.  This past weekend, Rev3 announced on Facebook that the Florida race is, indeed, on!  Details will be posted later on this week (including course maps, etc).  That said, if you’re looking for a season-ending race in the Sunshine State, this one will be spectacular!  I’m terribly excited about this!
  • Team Rev3 Tri:  I don’t think I ever really announced this, but I’m really proud to be affiliated with Rev3 Tri for the third year in a row.  Team Trakkers has become Team Rev3 Tri, and we have almost 50 age-group athletes from all over the country on the team.  Early indications are that the team is outstanding – both in terms of athletes, but more importantly in terms of great people.  I’ll be updating the team link here on my blog in the next couple of days to include links to each person’s blog and Twitter.  Be sure to follow them if you don’t already. 
  • Sponsors:  As you might expect, the new year in triathlon brings new sponsors to the team.  Rev3 has already announced a couple of major sponsorships for 2012:  Tri-Swim/Tri-Slide/Foggle and blueseventy.  I know there are a couple of others in the works, and I’m particularly excited about one in particular (that I can’t share yet).
  • On my iPod:  I love music.  Back in college (and shortly thereafter) I was a radio DJ.  I DJ’d a few parties and dances, but most of what I did was on the air (in fact, my undergraduate degree was in Broadcast Media).  I’ve probably got 1000 songs on my iPod, plus about 200 CD’s at home.  Recenly, I have fallen in love with the band Skillet.  They are what I’d call hard-rock sounding, but with a message.  Head over to YouTube and pull up a couple of songs….”Awake and Alive” and “Hero” are a couple of really good ones

    TriMadness in the studio at WASU-FM (the campus station at Appalachian State University) in 1991.

  • Beernerdiness:  With all due apologies to Peter King at Sports Illustrated (as he does this feature regularly), I thought it appropriate to share a couple of beers I’ve tasted in the last two weeks that I found quite tasty.  The first was Sierra Nevada Rye.  This hoppy beverage tastes similar to an IPA, but isn’t bitter at all.  If you like hoppy beers, this is good one to try.  Last week, I tried a River Falls Red Ale.  Very smooth beer.  If you can find it, you should try it!

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  1. That is great that the race is on in Florida! Someday I will make it back.

    Stay warm! We hit 30 degrees today so I may pull out the shorts! 🙂

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