A Pirate Comes to Jacksonville


Credit: BOBBY KING/Jacksonville.com

Jimmy Buffett.  A musician tied forever to the concept of kicking back, wearing flip-flops, drinking margaritas, eating cheeseburgers, and having fun.  At least for those who like his music.

Last night, Jimmy played a sold-out concert here in Jacksonville.  Mrs TM and I went to the show along with another couple.  For many, seeing a Buffett concert is a rite of passage.  For others, it’s an excuse for getting really drunk. (Perhaps those two things are one in the same).  I’ve loved Buffett since I was in college back in the late 80’s.  This was my third concert of his – and by far the one where I was the most sober. 

My first Buffett show came in 1987 (I think) on the campus of Appalachian State University in North Carolina.  I remember he came in the middle of winter, that it was cold as hell, and snowing.  I also remember that the show was quite short due to the shenanigans of too many drunk college kids.  Of course, I was one of them, and may not be remembering my facts clearly.

Last night’s show was pretty solid.  He played all is most well-known songs, plus a few deep cuts.  Notably, there were some songs I wish he had played, but didn’t.  The really curious thing about the concert?  The average age of the fans.  The were OLD!  I mean, the average had to have been 50+ (at least they looked that old).  Now, it could very well be that they were closer to my age, and just we all look that old – I just don’t want to admit that I could perhaps be part of that “older” crowd, especially given that I feel as if I could still be in my 20’s.  I suppose it makes sense that his audience is older – as Buffett himself has to be in his sixties now.

Old or not, the show was lively and fun.  A great party.


3 thoughts on “A Pirate Comes to Jacksonville

  1. According to wiki – he is 65 – so yes, no surprise on his age. Never been to one of his concerts. I think I would enjoy it though. I like a lot of his music.

  2. So he’s coming to Birmingham and I’m getting to see him then and super excited. This too will be my third concert. Sadly was sober for the other two but they both have stories. I got to go back stage before my first! Second was a huge traffic cluster into Charlotte! What songs did you wish he played?

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