The Myths of Triathlon


There are many sacred truths in our sport.  And a few myths as well. 

After having read a pretty good thread on Slowtwitch (click here for the thread), TriMadness sought out to identify and capture a detailed listing of the most pervasive triathlon-related myths.  After burning up significant amounts of internet bandwidth – as well as partaking in more than a few Mexican frosty beverages over the weekend, TriMadness is proud to present the following list of triathlon myths:

(feel free to debunk, refute, add to, or bash this list)

  • Shaving your legs will make you go faster
  • Running a 10-minute mile is NOT “running”
  • Not qualifying for Kona or Boston means that you are not a “real” triathlete
  • Replacing your down-tube water bottle with an aero bottle will make you significantly more aero, hence faster
  • Breastroke should never be done in a triathlon
  • Backstroke should never be done in a triathlon
  • If you switch to a new gel/drink/nutrition product on a race day, you will automatically puke
  • You must train with power
  • Ironman puts on the best triathlon series ever
  • You must have both a road bike and a tri bike
  • You must race Kona before you die
  • Triathletes are bad cyclists
  • Triathletes are bad swimmers
  • Compression garments look cool
  • Every random person you meet wants to know all about your training program
  • If you don’t run an Ironman, you’re not a real triathlete
  • Triathletes don’t know how to hold a line in a bike pack
  • Getting an M-Dot tattoo is a requirement
  • A good triathlete always makes a great coach
  • Drafting is an acceptable practice for any race in Florida.  Or Arizona. 

5 thoughts on “The Myths of Triathlon

  1. I love it!!! Especially the ones about not being a real triathlete if you don’t do Ironman and not doing breast stroke in a triathlon.

    Breast stroke is my secret weapon. When I was in high school I was a breast stroker so I love nothing more than blasting past freestylers using breast stroke. I have come out of the water in touch with the lead pack in all my races while other blokes thrash around with the poor freestyle technique that starts to slip in when they get tired.

    @ James – I shave my legs because I like to show off my leg muscles to my wife *cheeky grin and hearty laugh* 🙂

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