More Sh@# Triathletes Say

You may have seen some of the viral videos going around about “Sh@#” so & so says.  There’s one out there about cyclists.  Professional triathlete Melanie McQuaid made one about triathletes (see here).

While watching Melanie’s video, I was literally laughing out loud.  So much of what she included is in almost every triathlete’s lexicon….

  • “I’m so tired”
  • “I think that’s a PR”
  • “I’ve been working on my nutrition strategy”
  • “I don’t do IM” (as in individual medley in the pool)

Those are just a few examples of little tidbits that we triathletes often say.  The video got me thinking.  Surely there are TONS more things that we are well known for saying.  I thought I’d capture a few:

  • I can’t do flip-turns
  • Today is my rest day
  • I only exercise so I can eat what I want
  • I’m training in zone 3 today
  • Today is my hard day
  • Critique my form
  • What is the fastest wheel out there?
  • Should I shave my legs?
  • Should I get an m-Dot tattoo?
  • Should I use the wetsuit strippers?
  • You’re not a real athlete if you walk any of the marathon
  • I need to log that workout
  • My aero helmet will reduce drag during my bike, so I’ll go faster
  • What kind of lube do you use?
  • I’m a minimalist runner
  • No, they are arm coolers, not arm warmers
  • Where can I get a good training plan?

Again, I’m sure that there are literally tons and tons of other things we triathletes say and are well known for.  What have I missed?


3 thoughts on “More Sh@# Triathletes Say

  1. I loved it when Mel said, “These are my casual compression socks.”

    Mine is more along the “You know you are a triathlete when” – you want something sweet after dinner and you consider an apple cinnamon Hammer gel as dessert!

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