Yep….I’m Lazy

I’m lazy.

That is a sentence not typically associated with triathletes.  Most folks certainly wouldn’t consider endurance athletes as lazy.  I don’t sit around on my rear end eating bon-bons every day.  Generally, we’re outgoing, highly motivated folks who set aggressive targets and do everything we can to achieve them.  Lots of us are considered “Type A”.  I probably fit all of those descriptions, and yet I’m lazy.

Allow me to offer some clarification.

I’m lazy when it comes to my swim stroke.

This month I have been swimming quite a lot (of course, comparing this month’s swimming versus prior months – not versus other athletes, as I know some of you are literally fish).  The primary focus of many of my efforts has been centered upon stroke technique. 

Here’s where I get really lazy.  Far too often when I swim I lose focus and concentration.  When I lose concentration, my catch gets all sideways.  Basically, I over-rotate at the shoulder, and lead my catch with my thumb and index finger, whereas an “ideal” catch leads with the fingertips.  I know this.  It’s been the bane of my swimming reality for years.  I focus on keeping high elbows and leading with my fingertips.  Except when I get lazy….which is almost every time I do long sets.  And probably every time I race. 

I’m sure it’s 100% mental.  I need to keep focused during long sets.  It’s just so easy to daydream, zone out, think about other things, or just….swim…..and lose concentration.  I need to be more present during my swims.

Hopefully that will cause me to be less lazy and swim correctly.


2 thoughts on “Yep….I’m Lazy

  1. I am Lazy too!!! With my swim stroke that is. I do almost the same thing… I get lazy after several hundred meters and I start to drop my shoulder and elbow so I am not getting a full stroke. I have actually started to do more strength training on the upper body and shoulders to help offset this laziness. Not quite sure it is laziness or just lack of strength… either way it is my main focus this Tri season…

  2. I am the same way!! I will take a complete vacation during the swim (and occasionally on the bike or run). When I do my form falls apart and I completely lose track of how many laps I have done. It wasn’t a huge issue until I did some focused work to improve my catch, which improved my times. Now I see a huge difference, basically I lose all of that improvement, when the details aren’t in place. In my training and other parts of my life, focus has become a rather central theme. It’s always good to know I am not the lone ranger on this one. Great post! Thanks!!!

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