Random Weekend Thoughts

This past weekend was full to the brim with activities in the TriMadness household.  The plethora of events that happened lend themselves well to a random-type post, so here you go…

  • I am typically what you might call mechanically challenged.  Especially when it comes to my bike.  Now, of course I can do the basics….like change a tube or tighten my brakes.  But, I’ve never been one to do what I’d call more serious stuff (even though in the grand scheme of things, most of what I’d call “serious” isn’t really).  Like many triathletes, I own two sets of wheels.  My problem at this point is that I only have one cassette.  Considering myself far too miserly to just go buy another cassette, I’ve adopted the stance that I can just swap the cassette between wheels.  Herein is the problem.   Before this weekend, I didn’t know how to really do the swap myself, so I would always take my wheels to my local bike shop and pay them about $20 to do the swap for me.  Finally, my miserly self reared its ugly head and drove me to purchase a chain whip and cassette tool this weekend.  I’m quite happy to report that on Saturday I successfully removed my cassette, thoroughly cleaned the cogs, and then reinstalled the cassette upon my 2nd set of wheels.  I was quite satisfied with myself.
  • I finally broke down and set up my bike trainer.  I’ve realized that there simply isn’t enough daylight most days for me to get out on the roads and do any amount of cycling.  I’m not a big fan of trainer rides – sitting on my bike pedalling like crazy for an hour or more, but going nowhere is so dang reminiscent of running on a treadmill I just want to puke.  Nevertheless, I set up the trainer on my back patio on Saturday afternoon.  I rode last night for an hour.  Let me tell you, it was quite chilly.  The temps were probably around 45 degrees; once I warmed up it wasn’t so bad.  That said, sweaty-self becomes quite chilly quickly upon dismounting the bike at the end of said workout. 
  • As much as I know how good they are for you, I am not a fan of doing one-legged cycling drills.  My goal last night….50 “clean” rotations with each leg.  If I had a soft spot in my spin, I restarted counting.  Suffice it to say that by the end of that drill my quads were a little cooked.
  • My 12 year old son Carter swims….I’ve talked about that on the blog before.  This past weekend, he had a meet here in Jax.  Prior to this weekend, he had qualified for all but two races in the Florida Age Group Championships (FLAGS) – otherwise known as the Junior Olympics.  Those two races?  The 50 Fly and the 100 Fly.  I’m quite happy to say that he earned his cut for the 50 Fly this weekend and is thisclose to getting his cut in the 100 Fly.  If he gets his 100 Fly cut prior to FLAGS he will be the first kid in our swim club to qualify for every event in his age group.  He REALLY wants to get that last cut….and has three meets left prior to FLAGS to do it.
  • Speaking of Carter….on Saturday he swam the 50 Free in a blisteringly fast time of :25:99.  We checked the Florida Swimming website, and while the YTD rankings haven’t been updated, we think his time is among the top ten times in the state this year for his age group. 
  • You may have seen news hit earlier today that Chrissie Wellington has announced that she is going to be taking a break from Ironman in 2012.  Certainly interesting news.  See here for the full announcement.  Additional interesting information….take a look at the very bottom of her website in the fine print copyright line.  See anything interesting?  Like who designed her website?  Just wondering if there could be some interesting linkages or news there.  I have absolutely no idea if it means anything….I just find it interesting.
  • On Friday night, I went to a pretty cool concert called Winter Jam.  It’s a Christian music concert featuring 10 bands.  A couple of really cool observations from the night:  The venue was PACKED.  Literally standing room only – 15,000 or so folks at the concert.  That fact blew me away.  While I enjoyed many of the bands, my personal favorite was Skillet.  Skillet sounds like a heavy metal band….but with a Christian vibe and message.  Their show was flat out amazing.  Pyrotechnics.  Fireworks.  A base and kick-drum beat that literally shook my body.  My ears were still ringing on Saturday morning.  I seriously think they are my new favorite band.
  • Check out a video of Skillet here.

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