F*@# Cancer!

Let’s face it.  Cancer bites.  Far too many folks deal with it.  I suspect that each and every person who reads this will have a family member or dear friend that has or has had cancer.

I’ve been really lucky.  I haven’t had cancer.  Folks in my family have; my father has prostate cancer.  My stepmother had breast cancer last year (and thankfully now is cancer-free).  My wife has had numerous skin cancers (thankfully no melanomas).  One of my best friends found out a few weeks ago he has prostate cancer, and is having his prostate removed this coming Monday.  He’s way too young to have this.

For the past couple of weeks, folks on Team Rev3 Tri have been trading stories about friends and loved ones that have dealt with cancer as part of our motivation and run-up for Rev3’s Run Across America.  Honestly, the stories have been inspirational, sad, poignant, wrought with feelings, compelling, and amazing.  They have also been galvanizing.  Team Rev3 Tri has become laser focused on the fight against cancer.

We’re going to all run with Rev3 during the Run Across America.  Some of the team will physically take part in the run; others will be running “virtually” in our home towns.  There will be team competitions where we invite others to run with us, all in the name of raising money for the Ulman Cancer Fund.

The most exciting news broke today.  Rev3 has partnered with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults to make UCF’s Team Fight as the national charity beneficiary of the Rev3 series.  Rev3 further has partnered with UCF to produce and promote a new Rev3 branded race…The Half Full Triathlon.  This race is held each October in Howard County, MD.  The addition of this race brings the Rev3 series to a total of 10 races in 2012!

We’ve all got some stake in the battle against cancer.  Hopefully, you’ll consider joining forces with Rev3 and Team Rev3 Tri as we support and raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund.


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