Things That Bug Me!

I’m not one who usually rants.  Seriously.  Take a look back through all my prior posts.  I suspect you’d have a difficult time finding too many posts where I complain about something.

That being said, in the spirit of all the resolutionist-bashing that is happening on triathlon message boards and blogs aplenty, I thought it apropos for me to do a little bashing of my own.  After all, a guy’s allowed to be a little grumpy every now and then.  Right?

Without further ado, here’s a few things that irk the crap out of me:

  • Band-Aids floating in the pool.  No explanation required.
  • People who use the restroom in public spaces and then conveniently “forget” to flush.  Yeah – thanks for leaving your temple-bursting, corn-laden, foul-smelling butt purge in the toilet for the rest of humanity to see.  Because I’m sure you do the same thing at home.  And could you at least hit the toilet when you pee?
  • Race directors that give out race bibs that don’t have holes punched in the corners so I can use my race belt.  Triathletes love to use safety pins.
  • Wheel-sucking drafters at races
  • Folks who spend 20 minutes in the porta-potty prior to a race.  Seriously?  There’s 500 of us waiting to use three porta-pottys and you’re in there reading a novel!
  • Lap lane conversationalists.  You know – the type of folks that you hate sitting next to on a plane, but they’re in the pool lane with you.  Every time you stop on the wall, it’s all “My Aunt Beatrice did an Ironman once…”  And it seems like they are ALWAYS at the wall when you are. 
  • Running into a big rat’s nest of hair in the pool.  Of course, since you’re wet, it’s harder than hell to get that nasty stuff off of you.
  • Twitter stalkers.  I get a little email everytime someone follows my Twitter feed.  I love it when someone follows me.  Naturally, when I get around to figuring out if I want to follow them back, they either don’t exist any longer or are some porn-star wannabe.  I get enough spam in my email.  Now I get it on Twitter too. 
  • Cocky tri-assholes.  Also see the average user on Slowtwitch. 
  • OK….not everyone on Slowtwitch fits the definition above.  Just some of them do.  And in reality, I have a love-hate relationship with them.  I alternate between laughing at what they say, dumfounded in their arrogance, or pissed off at their cockyness.
  • Speaking of things that are hard to get off – whatever adhesive goes on the bike stickers at some races must have been made for NASA or something.  You almost have to take a razor blade to get that junk off!  And I can think of nothing better than sawing off a layer of material on a bike – especially if it’s a carbon bike.

There – it’s off my chest.  Rant is done.

Anything bug you?


9 thoughts on “Things That Bug Me!

  1. Dude, well done! dontcha feel so much better?

    I agree with all of these except the Band-aids one! I, for one, dig used bandaids floating around my pool because if seen it gives me an excuse to not swim (-:

  2. My current peave is misuse of words my 7 year old knows how to use properly. THEN vs THAN or THERE vs THEIR (and some others, but those are two instance that come to mind). I know bloggers are typing fast and sometimes it is an honest mistake, but when they do it over and over again, I really wonder if they don’t know proper English. I don’t think I’ve seen this on your blog so thanks for letting me join your rant.

  3. Funny post! I will also add people who refuse to circle swim so that 3 people can be in their lane. And people who act snotty during transition set up at triathlons…like they think you are competition and it would be beneath them to chat with you while you get ready to race!

  4. My thing that bugs me is that the whole sport seems to be focused on Ironman and 70.3 at the moment. Seriously? The snobbery around long-distances is doing my head in.

    Sure, it’s a great challenge to swim / bike / run all day but the sport is so much bigger and more dynamic than just the one event that requires an unsustainable amount of training (for most people). Where’s the glory in racing once a year when thousands of other triathletes are getting out there once a month to support the super sprint distance, sprint distance and Olympic distance events (and having fun in the process rather than simply punishing themselves with long kms).

    Oh and my other bug is people who want to do a triathlon but are too scared. Get out there and give it a go – it’s okay to ride a mountain bike, it’s okay to do a 200/10/2 or a 400/15/4 as your first event and to plan to walk part of the course because at least you are out there … you don’t have to do an Ironman or a 70.3 as your first event and you don’t have to be out there to win … the sport is so much fun if you just give it a whirl.

    Thanks for giving space for a rant 🙂

  5. People that decide they want to walk in the middle of a run and do so….smack in the middle of the course, without moving to the side or doing anything to make sure they don’t get run over by other people.

  6. I feel the same way about ST 🙂

    I’ll add people that poop/pee ON the seat in the port-a-potty! I get it – you don’t want to sit, but I do!
    The world would be a much better place if everyone just sat down!

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