On Becoming a Fish

Credit: Scoobyvader0893

This is the year I become a swimmer. 

I’ve studied, listened, and copied.  Stroked, pulled, and kicked.  All in an effort to become more proficient at the one portion of triathlon that haunts so many.  I don’t want to be Michael Phelps.  Nor, in all honesty, do I aspire to be Andy Potts.  I just want to consider myself comfortable in the water, proficient at what I do, and reasonably speedy enough as to not embarrass myself.

I’m targeting swimming a quarter million yards this year.  250,000 yards.  That’s 142 miles, or the equivalent of 59 iron distance swims.  10,000 laps in a pool.

To get there, I’ve committed myself to swimming roughly 21,000 yards per month – a paltry 5200 yards per week.  Totally do-able.  In fact, if I keep my wits about me (or if I decide to do an iron distance race) I very well could surpass my goal.

Like many of us northern hemisphere folks, I’m in the prep phase of my training.  Sort of non-structured, do a little of this and a little of that, training.  I do have a regular pattern that I’m following…Mondays are swim day right now.

Last night I hit the pool with the intention of burning off some stress, zoning out a little, and getting in a good pool session.  And guess what?  I did.  I knocked out 3250 yards in about 54 minutes….which for me is really motoring.  I’m normally around 2:00 per 100 yards.  Last night?  1:49 per 100 yards.  And the really surprising thing to me?  I felt great!  I streamlined well.  My legs didn’t drop as much as they usually do.  My breathing was working.  The only thing that didn’t work well was that I almost broke my finger on the lane line a couple of times.

So….I’ll keep plugging along.  I know there will be more swim sessions like last nights.  Others will be on the opposite end of the satisfaction spectrum.  At the end of the day, however, I’ll be a swimmer!


5 thoughts on “On Becoming a Fish

  1. Aaaggghhh … last year I cracked a finger nail on the plastic floatie lane line thing. That really sucked! Hope your finger is okay.

    Dude, 5200yds per week is child play for a bad ass like yourself!

  2. I’m in the same boat as you. This year I’m finally stopping using the pool as a place for recovery workouts and finally trying to get faster.

    DAMN it is hard. It has been a long time since my arms have gotten this sore from swimming. I’m already feeling stronger, with hints of it actually translating into speed too.

    Keep at it.

  3. Nice work! That is a great goal, and hearing you break down the numbers… It seems very do-able! Keep up the good work, love the pic as well

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