You, Too, Can Run Across America

Not long ago, I wrote about how Rev3 will be running across America in an effort to raise funds for the Ulman Cancer Fund.

Now, you can join in the run.

And the really cool thing is that you don’t have to run 3100 odd miles yourself, live in a stinky RV, and be subjected to the rigors of 21 days out on the road.

I’ve made a committment to run each day that the Rev3 team is on the road.  I may run a mile.  Perhaps ten.  But I’m going to run each and every day.  So are most of my Rev3 teammates.  We’ll be virtually participating with Team Rev3 the whole way.  In fact, we’ll be logging our miles as a team in an effort to jointly run farther than the actual distance from Oceanside, CA and Washington, DC.

So here’s my challenge to you.  Commit to running along with Team Rev3.  Make it a point to run, at least one mile, each and every day beginning on March 26th.  It’s only 21 days in a row.  You can do it.  Heck, you’re probably already doing it.  Are you up for the challenge?  If so, leave a comment here – I want to track who is running with me and include it here.  Lets see how far we can run together.

C’mon.  Let’s run across America!

Another way for you to participate is to help support the cause.  Not only am I running, I opened my wallet and made a personal donation.  Please consider doing the same thing!  Click on the graphic below to go to Rev3’s website to make a donation.  You can even “tag” it to me (I don’t get anything if you do, but Rev3 wants to know how folks got to the donation page).

Thanks for your help!


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