By The Numbers – 2011 Version

‘Tis the season for year-end articles extolling the accomplishments of the athlete and writer, of sport, of records earned (or lost), and who died during the year that has passed.

TriMadness will now officially jump on the wagon and proffer up our own version of the year-end list.  Actually, we took this approach last year (here), and had lots of fun digging back for information, data, and nuggets of information then.  This year, the exercise was equally fun and challenging.

So here you go….2011, by the numbers:

  • 5 – Number of races I entered in 2011
  • 3 – Number of PR’s I earned this year
  • 57 – minutes I shaved off my half-iron race time at Rev3 Anderson in October
  • 10,700 – Unique hits on TriMadness this year
  • 1232 – Number of hits on my article called “A Dear John Letter to Ironman
  • 1076 – Hits on “Open Water Swim Fears
  • 626 – Hits on “Lightning Intervals
  • 10 – Installments of “Ten Questions With…” written this year
  • 1 – eBook published (you can download it here)
  • 39 – Outstanding teammates on Team Trakkers.  I had an amazing year on this team, and am very excited to be on Team Rev3 Tri for 2012!
  • 50 – Number of states where my readers come from (NY, FL, TX, CO, and GA lead the way)
  • 95 – Number of countries other than the USA where my readers are (Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand are the top five)
  • 144 – Stories published this year on TriMadness
  • 325 – Twitter followers (follow me here)
  • 79, 834 – Yards swam in 2011 (a 40.5% increase over 2010)
  • 954 – Miles biked (36.6% increase from 2010)
  • 479 – Miles ran (a paltry 2% increase from 2010)
  • 6 – Product reviews written this year
  • Top 10 – TriMadness named as one of‘s Top 10 Endurance Blogs
  • 47 – as in MPH.  My top speed at Rev3 Anderson.  Followed closely by 44 MPH – my top speed at Rev3 Knoxville
  • 1 – “Pukie” award earned by TriMadness during 2011.  Find out why
  • 168.5 – Points scored by TriMadness on the “Triathlon Naughty or Nice Calculator“.  I was fairly nice in 2011, and was rewarded generously with new gear from TYR!

I hope you and yours have a very, very blessed and Happy New Year!  Thanks, as always, for reading.

Bring it on, 2012!


7 thoughts on “By The Numbers – 2011 Version

  1. Those are some pretty legit numbers man! I’m working on a 2011 wrap up, but I don’t know if I can match up you yours. 2012 ain’t got nothin’ on you!

  2. Congrats on a great year!! Very impressive all around! Excited to see what 2012 will bring on TriMadness 🙂

  3. Your “10 Questions With…” is one of the best blog features out there. You are an awesome blogger, triathlete, Dad, and teammate! Bring on 2012!!!!

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