The Triathlete’s Naughty or Nice Checklist

“He’s making a list and checking it twice.  Gonna find out if you’re naughty or nice…” 

While we all think that we fall into the “nice” category and will automatically receive gifts of new bikes, fancy aero wheels, new running shoes and the like under our tree, the real question is do we really know?

Best scene from Disney's The Santa Clause movie....

Now is the time of year when it’s pretty important to assess whether you’ve been a good boy or girl and if Santa is going to bring you some triathlon goodness or a slew of flat tires.  As a public service, the editors of TriMadness have come up with a method that should help you decode your upcoming holiday gift haul. 

Detailed below is a handy-dandy little survey much like the surveys in some of those trashy women’s magazines….not that I ever read them, I just look at the pictures…

Take a few minutes to read the questions and keep a tally of your points.  You’ll be able to see exactly where you land and what you should expect to get this year.  Please make sure you leave a comment with your score!

Scoring:  If your combined score was greater than 50 points, consider yourself NICE.  Surely Santa will deliver a set of Zipp 1080’s and a new TYR Freak of Nature wetsuit to your tree.  You’ll also get a training day with Michael & Amanda Lovato (in their Kona Underwear run outfits).  SCORE!!!.  If you scored 0-50 points, nice try.  You were “mostly” good, and you should score some nice trinkets like a new tri suit, a pair of sunglasses, or perhaps a swim pull buoy.  If you scored between 0 and -25 points, you were a little on the naughty side.  Well, not all of us can be good.  You might be lucky enough to get a (clean) water bottle, perhaps a half gnawed on Power Bar or a slightly used CO2 cartridge.  If you were worse than -25 points, well…..shame on you and your cold, cold heart.  You surely are among the dreads of society – or at least you need to get on the stick and start following me @TriMadness.  Depending upon his mood, Santa might deliver a moldy transition mat, an out-of-date gel packet, or 15 punctured tubes.  Good luck with that.  Serves you right, though.


9 thoughts on “The Triathlete’s Naughty or Nice Checklist

  1. And in case anyone was wondering, I was surpringly NICE this year. I scored out at 168.5 points! Of course, it helps that I created the survey, and stacked the deck so that I’d come out as good as I possibly could! Now, I’m just waiting for Santa to deliver that new Garmin 910 watch to me! 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Happy Kwanza!

  2. 146 points (if you count the unintentional mooning in a changing tent..) Anxiously awaiting my new bike & wheels 🙂

  3. I came up with 102, but I probably did better as I thanked a lot of volunteers and I only counted points for 6 (1 for each race). I love that quote from Scott Calvin. I still need to get the movie on DVD (my copy is VHS)-definitely a new classic. I hope I was very nice this year. As a newbie, my list is LONG! Good thing our house’s Santa and I are on super friendly terms!

  4. I only got back into triathlon in August this year (Australian so that’s end start of our season) and I made it onto the nice list. I didn’t even give myself any points for getting accredited as an official and volunteering at 4 races since September.

  5. This is awesome. But now I have really high expectations for what I’ll find under my tree on Christmas…

  6. 199 points – but, I only gave myself 50 points for thanking volunteers, but really it would be more like 500! (2 x 140.6 races – and it’s my rule to thank any volunteer I come in contact with. Thats a LOT of volunteers!)

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