Lunchtime Swims!

Nothing like a "crowded" pool...

 I don’t normally work out during the day.  My workouts usually happen at Oh-dark-thirty…either very early or very late.  Recently, more of my workouts have been evening workouts.  But when I get the chance to take in a mid-day session, I jump all over it.

Today was one of those days.

Surprisingly, the meeting Gods smiled upon me and I had a window of opportunity in my day to head over to the pool.  The view above is what faced me.  An empty pool, sunshine, and a slight breeze.  Perfect conditions for a quick swim!

I almost felt naughty – as if I shouldn’t have been there.  There wasn’t a coach on deck.  There weren’t 100 swim-team kids in the pool.  Just me, myself and I.  And the lifeguard who looked half asleep.

So….into the pool I went.  A short warm-up ensued.  Some finger-tip drilling, and 50yd repeats.  (I did say it was a short swim, right?).  All in about 35 minutes.  Good enough to get the heart pumping and the arms/legs a little tired.

Still laying the Lego’s…


2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Swims!

  1. I would pretty much kill someone to be able to swim outside at this time of year. In an empty pool. In the middle of the day.

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