Friday, Random Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a random style post, so I thought I’d toss one out there for this week…

  • It’s 11-11-11.  That’s cool.  I love cool dates like today (09-10-11 was another cool one)
  • Today is Veteran’s Day.  Frankly, I believe that our veterans (and active duty military) don’t get all the praise they deserve.  We literally owe our way of life to the brave souls who have fought for this country.  To that, you all have my never-ending respect and thanks.
  • I read a very interesting post by Jim Gourley today regarding why he won’t be celebrating today.
  • You may have heard of The Wounded Warrior Project.  This is a non-profit (actually based here in NE Florida) that serves servicemen and women injured in combat.  It’s a spectacular cause, and one I’m proud to have supported numerous times this year.
  • I’m holding out on setting up my bike trainer.  I want to continue to think that I’ll be able to ride outside, but it’s getting harder and harder to actually believe that.
  • I started planking this week…and not the kind where I take a picture of myself lying flat on something and Tweet it out.  I must have a pretty weak core, because these things absolutely kill me!
  • Rev3 Tri started announcing their AG team for 2012 yesterday.  The way they are doing it is pretty cool, yet I could see how it could add to some folks’ stress levels.  See, what they are doing is announcing one person per day via Facebook.  I think it is a great idea!
  • The holiday season is coming up quickly.  What’s on your list?  As is always the case, my list is long, and full of things I know I’ll likely not get (a guy can wish, right?).  Tops on my list right now is Garmin’s new watch (check out a very thorough review here).
  • Five years ago, I gave my wife a Christmas present that I thought she’d like.  I hand-wrote her a book recapping our year.  She loved it so much – the first words out of her mouth were, “I want one every year!”  Since that first book, I’ve upgraded….I still write a book, but I incorporate tons of pictures and have it published as a full-color, hard-bound book.  I use a company called Blurb.  They are a fantastic company to work with!  Their software is free and very easy to use, and the printing doesn’t take too long at all. You can make books of all sorts of sizes, thicknesses, etc.  If you’ve ever wanted to write a book (or even have a photo book published) check out their site.  One other thing….yes, you can make photo books through Shutterfly and other sites.  I’ve done that before.  Frankly, the quality of books through Blurb is FAR better.  Another cool benefit is that the aspiring writer can actually sell his books through Blurb.  I’m not to that point yet, but maybe one day.

Hope you have a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping by & reading!


2 thoughts on “Friday, Random Friday

  1. I am also a numbers nerd and appreciated 11-11-11 (tried to ride 11 miles on the bike, but fell short as it was getting dark although got 10.11 in – cool enough). I missed 9-10-11 – cool! I always celebrate pi day (3/14). God bless the veterans. WWP is a great organization. I don’t own a trainer yet so I’ve been trying to work with the weather – yesterday cooperated (62°). But it won’t last long. Still working on a plan to get through the winter. Planks are crazy hard. Looking forward to seeing which of the bloggers I stalk are Rev3 team members for 2012. Lots of great people on last year’s Trakkers/Rev3 team. I have a long list for Santa this year (girls can dream too). I’d settle for a really old out of date Garmin since budget probably won’t allow the new one. But I also really want a new bike (even more out of budget unless I can find something used). Last year I got nothing – must not have been very good. So this year I’m hoping I deserve at least something in my stocking. Economy has kicked our financial butts the last several years. That is the sweetest gift I have ever heard a husband giving. Jealous for sure! I have done Shutterfly books before. Will check out Blurb.

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