Overplanning for 2012

It’s the time of year when triathletes in the northern hemisphere start thinking about next year’s race season (our friends in the southern hemisphere are in the thick of their season now).  Like many of you, I have started thinking about my race schedule for next year.

There’s a lot to think about.

How many races should I do?  Should I go “long” again and do a iron-distance race?  What would happen to me if I tried to race two half iron races in one month?  How much of this will my wife approve? (That may actually be the most important question). 

I tend to be really ambitious in my race desires at the beginning of the season – and then life intervenes and causes me to pare down the list.  Take this year, for example.  When I drafted out my 2011 schedule, I had wanted to run 2 half marathons, a 15k road race, a marathon, two sprint tri’s, two Olympic tri’s, and a half-iron tri.  Of that schedule, I didn’t do one of the sprint tri’s, the 15k, or either of the half-marys.  Life simply got in the way.

Not that I’m disappointed.  In fact, I’d rather aim big and accomplish some of the list than only have a few races on the schedule and not be able to do them.

So….what am I thinking for next year?  Again, another full year.  I’d like to accomplish the following

  • three half marathons (one in the spring, two in the late fall)
  • a 15k (the Gate River Run in Jacksonville)
  • Two Olympic distance triathlons
  • Two (maybe three) half-iron distance triathlons
  • One FULL-IRON distance tri.  There.  I’ve done it and laid out that as my #1 target for next year. 

I’m planning on a heavy-dose of Rev3 races; I’m particularly excited for the Rev3 race in Sarasota next October.  I love that part of the state, and I’m really excited to race there for the first time.  More exciting news forthcoming about this particular race and how I’ll be involved.

So….what’s on your schedule for next year?  Do you subscribe to the same logic that I do regarding thinking big and canceling as needed?  Am I biting off too much to chew next year?


5 thoughts on “Overplanning for 2012

  1. I had 2 schedules planned, Plan B didnt work out, so I am excited about Plan A, which is going to be changing but fun, now I just need to figure out how to pay for it

  2. I have so many races I wanted to do in 2012, I really had to use some tough love on the list. Once I started trying to piece together the training plan, my over ambitious list got pared down even further to something much more realistic. Even with that, I have a full iron, 2 half irons, 2 marathons and a few other things sprinkled in. It is still a bit out of control.

    I have heard so many great things about Rev3. I’ll have to make sure one of their races makes my list one day 🙂

  3. I usually plan (well, sign up for) only races I know I’ll do — then add shorter/fun/tune-up races as needed throughout the year. Doesn’t stop me from starting with a long list and narrowing down though. Doing my first Rev3 in 2012 though, and I’m SO excited about it!

  4. Looks doable Joel — go get ’em!

    I have only 2 Tri’s paid for right now. Might actually keep that way too. My work schedule is pretty packed for a lot of 2012 so training is going to be more important than racing.

    We are very lucky living within the Texaplex area as you can run a 1/2 mary, 10k, trail run, or marathon pretty much every weekend from now until it starts to warm up (May) so will just do the running races when I have time.

  5. Totally think it’s most important what you wife says. ‘Happy wife, happy life’…or so I’ve heard. I say 2 70.3 events work perfect as benchmarks going toward the full. I like the schedule, so good luck hitting it hard next season!!

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