Cyclists Worried About Buzzing

Credit: CBC


In this case, it’s not the after-effects of downing too many Jager-bombs or accidentally snorting your Gu.  For cyclists and triathletes, buzzing is not a euphoria-inducing event. 

Perhaps it’s a fear-inducing event, though.

What is buzzing?  It’s the act of a car driving thisclose to a cyclist with the intention to scare them.  Perhaps it’s a way for drivers to share some of their road rage.  Perhaps it’s just kids being stupid.  Sadly, this may also be what killed Florida cyclist Bryan Wrigley in a hit-and-run accident back in April.  You can read my prior post about this tragic accident here

A local Jacksonville TV station posted a report to their website today giving great details about buzzing, including a very clear graphic of how much space motorists must leave cyclists (in Florida, 3 feet).  Click here to watch the video.

Far too many of us have experienced some sort of driver’s rage against cyclists – be it rude gesture, trash thrown at us, inattention, or whatever.  Now we have to worry about yahoos “buzzing” us too.


2 thoughts on “Cyclists Worried About Buzzing

  1. Oh yeah; that’s pretty much every vehicle including the big trucks that passes on my rides in Cartersville. Even with a 3-foot passing law in GA, most drivers just don’t care. It’s a little pathetic to be honest, but I don’t think they’ll understand unless somehow roles were reversed.

  2. Like there is not enough in the world to worry about. Now, I have to be concerned when I am on my bike too. That sucks! Can’t we all just get along?!!!

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