The Seven Day Itch

Credit: Jef Mallett

I’ve got that itch. 
It often strikes pretty suddenly.  You just can’t shake it.  It drives you absolutely bonkers!  There’s nothing that can cure it – no cream, salve, or ointment makes the itch go away.  You think about it all the time. 
Yes, I’ve got that itch.  And hopefully, it won’t take months to get rid of it.
What’s the itch, you might wonder?  No, it’s not some leftover harbinger from my last freshwater swim.  It’s not even dry, cracked skin as a result of too much chlorine exposure.  Nope.  It’s the itch to have a race coming up.  Something to gun for.  A goal.
I am literally 7 days post triathlon season, and I’m already itching for something to do.  I hate the offseason because, for me, it’s hard to get motivated to train.  I’m one of those guys who needs to be targeting something.  Now that tri season is over, I could find myself slipping into the abyss of holiday cookie eating, beer drinking, and taking too many Sunday afternoon naps.
I must find a race to do!  Something to have a target.  I’ve got that itch.  I MUST get outside.
Perhaps I see a few half-marathons in my future…

2 thoughts on “The Seven Day Itch

  1. Mallets book would be awesome if I didnt have to look up 20 footnotes on every page, it got annoying quick

    When is tri season in Florida? Ohio is June through Sept

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