Interesting Folks

Doug Weatherby ("Mr. Recovery Pump") at Rev3 Knoxville in May 2012

Every now and then you run across someone who surprises you.  Often it happens to me when I get to spend a few minutes talking with someone and finally get to learn some of their backstory. 

Such was the case this past weekend at Rev3 Anderson.

I spent a little time (well….perhaps a lot of time) chatting with Doug Weatherby from Recovery Pump.  I had asked him last week if we could sit down and do a “10 Questions With…” interview – which he graciously agreed to.

We had a wonderful conversation about his background and why he got involved with Recovery Pump.  I learned about his personal connection to active compression technology, and why he is perhaps the biggest fan on the planet of this technology.  He owes his leg (and perhaps his life) to devices like Recovery Pump.  We talked about sailing with the likes of Dennis Conner and being part of the K2 ski team.

All in all, Doug surprised me.  Surely everyone has a story to tell.  Some are just more captivating than others.  Doug’s story is one of those that I’m glad I got to hear.  I’m looking forward to sharing it with you later on this week.