Quick Thoughts from a Rev3 Weekend

photo courtesy Rev3tri.com

I took a nice roadtrip up north to South Carolina (isn’t that weird sounding….north to South?) for the Rev3 Triathlon race in Anderson this weekend.  I’ll post a full race report later this week, but some quick thoughts from the weekend….

  • Couldn’t have asked for prettier weather.  Cloudless “Carolina Blue” skies, mid 70’s for daytime highs.  The only knock on the whole weekend weather wise was the fact that it was really windy on Sunday.  I mean REALLY windy.
  • Saw a bunch of my Team Trakkers teammates this weekend…some were racing the Half (like me), some were racing the Oly, some were volunteering.  Regardless, it was cool to see everyone
  • The bike course (and to a certain extent parts of the run course) were hilly – at least by my standards.  First 10 miles of the bike were essentially all up hill.  I’m not a huge fan of going up hills.  I love going down them though 🙂
  • Eric Opdyke does a fantastic job as the Rev3 Race Director.  His courses are challenging, yet fair.
  • I set a massive PR (57 minutes) at this race.  That said my prior PR was horrifically slow.  Yesterday’s race was slower than I would have liked, yet I was pleased overall.
  • I was happiest with my swim (39:59 for 1.2 miles….1:53/100 yards)
  • Blisters suck.  Despite lubing up with Tri Slide, I developed half dollar sized blisters on the balls of both feet by mile 3 of the run.  I’m hobbling around today as if I were 80 years old
  • Southern hospitality lives.  Volunteers are usually good at most races.  This weekend, they were great.  They brought southern accents and “Thanks for coming to Anderson!” on more than one occassion.
  • Driving for 7 hours immediately after finishing a half-iron distance race is probably not the smartest thing to do.
  • Crushed ice & Pepsi made the drive a little better.
  • Recovery Pump upon arriving back in Jacksonville made the drive just a passing memory

All in all, great experience this weekend!


8 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts from a Rev3 Weekend

  1. Congrats on the PR! That is awesome!

    I hate hills also but you have to do the work to get the reword of zooming down hills! 🙂

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