Another Prediction for This Weekend

So yesterday I wrote about the little ‘ole race out in the Pacific this weekend.  At the tail end of that post, I made my prediction as to who would win the men’s and women’s races. 

Well, that race isn’t the only big-ticket event happening this weekend.  The other event is the concluding race in the Rev3 Points Series!

In case you didn’t know, Rev3 offers a points series – for both professional triathletes as well as age groupers.  The prize purse is pretty hefty.  The winners of the pro series each get a $15,000 bonus payout.  The age group series has a prize purse of $20,000. 

To qualify for the series championship, athletes have to race at least one of each Rev3 distance (Olympic, Half Rev and Full Rev).  Points are awarded commensurate with the finishing place at each race. 

While we all know the popularity of the Quassy race (due to the HUGE prize purse for that race, the difficulty of the course, and the general awesomeness of the Rev3 crew), there are more than a few folks who are eligible for the points series championship.

The men’s leader board is topped by Andrew Starkowicz – also known as Starkey.  He took a victory at Cedar Point, and as a result is 200 points ahead of Chris “Big Sexy” McDonald.  David Thompson is also in the mix, just 360 points out of the lead.  Sunday’s race in Anderson could be an epic showdown.  In all honesty, you can’t count any of these guys out.  Big Sexy has two huge races under his belt – a victory at IMKY and 2nd at Cedar Point.  Thompson has a strong background, and has ITU experience that could be really helpful.  At the end of the day, my pick is that McDonald takes the ribbon at the race, followed by Starkey and Thompson.  Despite winning, Starkey’s second place will earn him enough points to take the series prize.

The women’s race is essentially down to just two racers – Kate Major and Maliaka Homo.  Both of these ladies have had solid seasons.  Major has six top five finishes, including 5th at Rev3 Quassy and 2nd at both Rev3 Cedar Point and Rev3 Portland.  Homo took her first major victory at Rev3 Cedar Point and a victory at BBSC Half Iron this year as well.  I’m not sure if either of these ladies will win the race Sunday (the field is pretty stacked, including late addition Magali Tisseyre), but this will come down to a foot-race for the series championship.  This one is a complete toss-up for me, so I’m going on a limb and picking Homo for the series win.

Regardless whether I’m correct or not in my predictions for the Rev3 series championship, the undeniable fact is that this series is unique and adds a lot of dynamics into the sport of professional triathlon.  Certainly, you can have one race and crown them “world champion”, but to be a true champion in my mind it’s imperative to excel not just at long distance, but a variety of distances.


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  1. I like the point system idea, HFP has a race series based on points, the same one that I won my AB chanpionship from, its cool, you calculate in you head where you need to finish to stay on top. and the championship race was worth double the points. It creates brand loyality, a big plus for Rev3

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