Night Rider

We triathletes are known to do some strange things.  Certainly, we all have some odd habits (see some of them described here).  One thing lots of triathletes are accustomed to doing is riding their bike at night.

Be it a ride at oh-dark-thirty in the morning or an after-work ride that goes well beyond dusk, many of us have been there and done that.

I personally enjoy riding my bike when it’s dark.  Yes, I know the risks go up when it’s dark….cars can’t see you as well, it’s more difficult to spot road debris, etc.  Typically, though, there are fewer folks out on the road, the temperature is more bearable, and I get extremely focused on what I’m doing.  The glow from my headlight creates a tunnel-like quality with darkness enveloping me.  Rhythm is easier to find.  Focus is there.

As much as I enjoy riding at night, I don’t want to get squashed by some soccer mom in her Suburban.  I don’t mount a tail light on my bike or attach it to my hydro tail (although that could work pretty well too).  Instead, I wear two flashing tail lights on a race belt.  The two lights blink at different paces, so I look pretty much like a tacky Christmas tree (just without the green and blue lights).  Off the front, I mount a 5 LED headlight in between my aero bars using velcro.  I’ve found that this keeps the light tucked away, but in a position that doesn’t get blocked when I’ve got my hands out on the aero bars.

I’m still trying to figure out a way to attach this awesome light to the front of my bike. 

How about you?  Do you ride at night, or do you instead relegate yourself to hours on the trainer in the garage or basement once the days get shorter?


2 thoughts on “Night Rider

  1. I just bought a headlight and tail light set. Still need to mount it on the bike. So far, I’ve managed to still ride in the daylight, but it won’t be long where that won’t always be an option and I don’t yet own a trainer.

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