Not Quite the Oscars….but Still Awesome!

Most sports, hobbies and professions have accolades for the best of the best.  The Oscars.  The Emmys.  The NFL MVP.  Miss Hooters.  The National Spelling Bee Champion.  The Basketball Hall of Fame.  The National Hollarin’ Contest Winner.

Sure, there’s the Endurance Sports Awards, but typical age groupers will never be in the running for one of those awards.

There’s a far better award for normal folks like you and me to aspire for…

Scott, the author of the Big Daddy Diesel blog came up with this awesome award and has been periodically posting winners. 

Yes, you too could win this prestigous award, but it takes hard work, sacrifice, and an inside-out stomach!  Eat too much before a race?  Purge it!  Swallow too much lake water?  Offer up a technicolor yawn.  Too many gels?  Barf-o-rama! Feel OK, but still want the award?  Stick your CO2 cartridge down your gullet and go for launch!

You can find past winners (in all their slimy glory) here.  To nominate someone (or yourself) for this most high honor, drop Scott an email or leave a comment on his blog.

And while you’re enjoying the lovely smell associated with any Pukie, send me some love….I’ve won the Pukie not once, but twice!  Check out his post today for details on my latest….ahem….accomplishment.

Bottoms up!


4 thoughts on “Not Quite the Oscars….but Still Awesome!

  1. The funny part is, that people have told me time and time again, right after they puke, the very first thing they thought about was the Pukie Award, its funny to me. Might be the most prestige and thought after blogger award out there

  2. In a recent Triathlete magazine, some pro, forgot her name and I dont have the issue with me, wrote a whole article about puking, she is so behind the times on that one.

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