Join the Team!

Have you ever wanted to be part of a something special?  The cool-kids club?  The group that everyone wishes they were part of?

Now’s your chance.

Team Rev3Tri is now taking applications for the 2012 team.  You can find the actual application here.

Members of Team Trakkers/Rev3 at Rev3 Knoxville in May 2011

Many of you know that for the past two seasons I’ve been part of Team Trakkers/Rev3.  What started out for me as a pipe-dream (becoming a sponsored triathlete) turned into a real dream come true.  At first, my feelings about being sponsored were very “me” oriented.  What could I get?  How could being sponsored help me?  Very quickly, I learned that being sponsored – at least by this team – is less about me and much more about what I can do to further a brand and people whom I firmly believe in. 

Over the past two seasons, I’ve met countless folks who are way cooler than I am (OK, I know that’s not much of a stretch), some amazing athletes, and one heck of a businessman in Charlie Patton at Rev3.  Rev3 is a family operation.  The races are family friendly.  They are triathlete friendly.  They are a great time and are in outstanding venues.  Supporting this franchise is as easy as supporting your brother or sister.  I’ve got the highest respect for Charlie, Eric Opdyke (the Rev3 race director) and the entire crew at Rev3.

So what does it take to be part of the best team in triathlon?

Certainly, you need to be a worse triathlete than me. 

In all seriousness, Rev3 is looking for triathletes who are dedicated.  Who are social media savvy.  Triathletes who want to race or attend Rev3 events.  Athletes with connections, friendships, and networks.  Athletes who believe in the same core values that Rev3 does.

What would you get for being part of the team?  Free entry fees to Rev3 races, for starters.  Do the math – the economic value of that perk alone could be worth thousands of dollars depending upon how many races you do!  You’ll get a cool uniform, deals with some spectacular sponsors (while no guarantee that this year’s sponsors will be back as sponsors next year, feel free to check out my sponsors link to get an idea of the high quality companies that worked with the team this year), a chance to go to a team conclave in February in Texas, and the opportunity to meet some great athletes from all over the country.

Interested?  Great.  Head on over to the Rev3 website and fill out an application.  If you have any questions, leave a comment or drop me an email by clicking here.