Teammate Trakking

This past weekend was “race-heavy”.  There were lots of races around the country.  Some notable ones?  Rev3 Cedar Point (Half Rev & Full Rev), Ironman Wisconsin, Ironman 70.3 Champs in Las Vegas. 

Roughly a third of my Trakkers/Rev3 teammates raced this past weekend; most of them at Cedar Point. 

I’ve written before about this awesome group of folks that make up the Trakkers/Rev3 team.  I mean, these folks are genuinely nice.  They are caring folks.  Engaged.  Friendly.  Despite being a geographically distributed team, I think I’m safe in saying that we all feel that we’re part of a very close-knit group.  It’s been a joy for me to be part of this group for the past two seasons.

One thing I perhaps haven’t shared sufficiently is that not only are my teammates cool….they are FAST! 

As I thumbed through this weekend’s race results, I realized that I am probably the slowest person on our team. 

This weekend, we had one guy (Dean Sprague) go 10:32 at Rev3 CP (Full).  Janet Edwards finished her full in 11:17.  Four others went faster than 13 hours.  A pair of teammates finished Half Rev’s in the five and a half neighborhood.  Five Trakkers/Rev3 folks came out of the water within 60 seconds of each other. 

Contrast those speedy times with my glacial 70.3 and 140.6 times.  Do I feel “inferior”?  Less part of the team?  Absolutely not.  Our team clearly has some fast folks on it, but being a part of this team is more than just times and results.  I feel pretty darn lucky to be associated with people of such high caliber.