Ever Get the Feeling…

…that you’re undertrained for an event? 

Perhaps you’re not significantly deficient in your training, but just enough that you’re on the threshold of being concerned about your performance?  Certainly, you can make the distance – and probably even do it fairly well – but you’re not envisioning yourself in a place where you’re going to peak for your race?

That’s sort of where I’m at today.

In exactly 32 days I’ll be toeing the line at Rev3 Anderson for the Half Rev (or, for those of you M-Dot inclined, 70.3).

I am not worried at all about being able to finish or anything. 

I just wonder if it’s all coming together at the right time.  If the stars are aligning.  If the training plan will work.  I’ve done this distance a couple of times, and had woeful performances both times.  Granted, both of those races were in the middle of the Florida summer and involved running a half marathon run through an African grassland with no shade and extremely high humidity.  My personal best for this distance is only slightly faster than some folks’ full distance PR’s. 

I’d really like to have a monumental PR next month.  And while I’d like to think that it will happen, I have just enough doubt creeping up to make me wonder. 

Here’s hoping that those creepy, crawly doubts are more psychological than physiological.


5 thoughts on “Ever Get the Feeling…

  1. I had that feeling right before a 70.3 race I did a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately for me it turned out to be true. Hopefully your race will turn out better.

  2. Those feelings are perfectly normal!! Positive self talk when those thoughts creep in your head. If I can get some speed in this IM body so can you :). You will do great and I am looking forward to seeing you in Anderson!

  3. I am having that feeling right now as I am packing my bike up for Rev3 Cedar Point. The only difference between you and me is that my feeling is 100% accurate because I have spent very little time on the bike or in the pool in the last 2 months! Gonna have to rely on my base for this sucker!

    Have a good weekend Joel!

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