Viva la Revolution!

“Every generation needs a new revolution.”  Thomas Jefferson

Chances are, if you’ve raced a long-distance triathlon you have raced an Ironman brand race.  You’ve toed the line with a couple of thousand folks, you probably got pummeled in the swim, you likely found the transition area to be super packed, and (depending upon which event you did) you might not have gotten any liquids during your run.  You may have also crossed off a bucket list item by hearing Mike Reilly announce you as an Ironman.  You may have gotten yourself an M-dot tattoo.  You probably loaned WTC (the parent company of Ironman) your hard-earned money for up to a year in advance of your race.

No doubt you’ve watched NBC’s coverage of the big race in Kona.

You may own a watch that has the Ironman logo on it.  Or bedding.  Or a wetsuit.  Or shoes.

Ironman brand is, for lots of folks, synonymous with triathlon.  In fact, for some folks, triathlon is Ironman.

But, just as Kleenex isn’t the only brand of facial tissues, Ironman isn’t the only company that holds triathlon races.  Revolution 3 is Puffs Plus to Ironman’s Kleenex.

You may have heard of Revolution 3 (or Rev3 as it’s often called).  This is a growing race series that is poised to become the best racer experience out there.  Rev3 is not just about having a brand.  It’s not about crowding athletes.  It’s about having a true family friendly triathlon experience.  It’s about change and being different from the status quo.  It’s about being fresh, customer-centric and new.

Rev3 is about challenging courses in unique locations.  It’s about treating all athletes in a special way.  It’s about new traditions.  For faster athletes, it’s about offering a generous prize purse.  It’s about having races in locations like amusement parks so families can have a fun time while athletes are racing.  It’s about having free family activities during race weekend.  Bouncy houses.  Games.

The Rev3 universe is expanding.  They’ve announced two new races for 2012 (The Dells, WI and Old Orchard Beach, ME) to go along with races in Costa Rica, Knoxville (TN), Quassy (CT), Portland (OR), Cedar Point (OH), and Anderson (SC).  Rumor has it that more races are on the way.

I urge you to consider putting a Rev3 race on your schedule.  The entire race experience is second to none.  Registration is open for select 2012 events already – but it’s not too late to register for 2011 events in Cedar Point and Anderson.

Rev3 is about change.  A different kind of triathlon.  A different kind of experience than you may be used to. 

Embrace the change.  Viva la Revolution!

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