Mr. Running Race Costume Wearer Guy

Bud Light presents:  Real Men of Genius.

Today, we salute you, Mr. Running Race Costume Wearer Guy.
(Mr. Running Race Costume Wearer Guy)

Any schmo can run a 10K, but it takes an artistic flair to run it dressed up as a turkey.  Or a superhero.  Or a banana.
(Don’t slip!)

Wearing your pink tuto and tights, you pound out the miles, trying to PR.
(Run, Dancer, Run!)

Compression socks?  They don’t complete your look.
(Squeeze me!)

And even though you’ve never won your age-group, you have been the focus of much finger pointing and laughter.
(Don’t scare my baby!)

So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, costume boy, because at every road race you run, you’re the real character.  Not the Kenyan out in front.
(Mr. Running Race Costume Wearer Guy)

Apologies to the ad folks at Bud Light, but after seeing a dude dressed up as a turkey, another as a banana, and a third as a super hero at my Thanksgiving morning road race, I just couldn’t resist.  🙂


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