In Mourning

Mike Kudyrk and Amy Martich both passed away following the NYC Triathlon on Sunday, August 7


There’s a pall over the sport of triathlon today.

As you no doubt have read online already, there were two deaths during the NYC Triathlon on Sunday.  Amy Martich (40) and Mike Kudyrk (64) both died following the race.  Mike died Sunday; Amy died Monday.

Reports are that the race was delayed due to inclement weather.  According to a CNN article, one participant rated the water as “the choppiest” he’d ever seen.

I have no idea how rough the water was.  I don’t know how proficient Amy and Mike were at swimming.  They may have been newbie triathletes that didn’t train for the event.  They could each have had multiple triathlons under their belt.  They could have had underlying medical conditions.  They could have been beaten up during the swim with roughly 4000 other competitors. 

But really, none of that matters.

Families and friends grieve today for Amy and Mike.  In their mind, they lost a loved one due to a triathlon.  Their loss is sad.  Unfortunate.  Preventable, perhaps. 

Grieving and mourning is for survivors.  We’re left to embrace fond memories of the departed – just as I’m sure Amy and Mike’s friends and families are doing today.  I believe, however, that for Amy and Mike death wasn’t a bad thing.  In my opinion, they are now in a far better place…one where no one drowns, where there is no pain, and where grace is eternal.

Rest in peace, Amy Martich and Mike Kudryk.  God bless your souls.


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