Weekend Thoughts

We just finished another sweltering weekend here in northeast Florida.  Temps were in the high 90’s with heat indexes in the 100’s.  I’m sure it was exactly the same wherever you are (except maybe Maine). 

I had a sectacular ride over the weekend.  For some really stupid reason, I decided that going out at noon was a good idea.  I loaded up on the EFS drink and water, sprayed down with sunscreen and took off.  As you might expect, I was the only idiot out on two wheels at that time of the day.  The heat and humidity were stifling and exhausting.  Nevertheless, i had a good ride.

The TriMadness family went to the beach on Sunday afternoon.  We hadn’t been to the beach as a family since early in the summer (weird, yes, since I live 20 minutes from the beach).  We had a blast!  The waves were oh so perfect.  My son Carter took his surfboard; it was exciting to watch him try to catch waves.  My youngest daughter Meredith and I boogie boarded for at least an hour.  The waves were EPIC!  My oldest daughter Courtney met up with a couple of guy friends and spent three hours talking with them as if no one else were on the beach.  I’d say that it was fun watching “young love”, but I know she’s interested in neither — so this father could watch and not get his hackles up!

I read this morning that there was a death in the NYC Triathlon over the weekend.  An unnamed 64 year old man died during the swim portion of the event.  The local newspaper didn’t say how he died, but logic dictates that he either drowned or had some sort of heart ailment.  This saddens me.  Folks, triathlon can be very dangerous.  If you’re not in shape for a particular event, don’t do it!  (insert irony here, as I’ve been known to race when I’m not in good enough shape).  It could be that he was beaten accidentally by another competitor, knocked unconscious, and drowned.  You never know.  I’m sure we all have thoughts (good and bad) about the frenzied starts of a swim.  Personally, I really liked the time-trial start at Ironman Louisville.  I know that’s probably not feasible for all races, but I never got pummelled in that race.  Contrast that with Ironman Florida, Rev3 Knoxville, and practically every other race with mass starts where I’ve either been kicked or punched or both.

You’ve got to hand it to Diana Nyad.  This 61 year old is swimming from Cuba to Key West.  103 miles.  Nonstop.  Amidst countless sharks, jellyfish, and drug running fast-boats.  Without a shark cage.  Now, I cannot fathom this feat.  Frankly, I thought swimming 5000 yards in preparation for Ironman was extreme.  Ms. Nyad is going 33 times that distance!  Wishing her the best of luck!

Nutella.  Love it or hate it.  My family loves it; I’ve tended to be on the other side of the fence generally.  Until this past week.  My sister from North Carolina was visiting, and offered me a treat.  A banana slathered up with Nutella.  I was hooked!  Something about the flavor combinations that was amazing.  I’ve yet to try it on a sandwhich (you see, I ate all the bananas in the house), but will shortly.

Just three short days until TriMadness goes on vacation to Puerto Rico!  We’re all excited – none of us have been there before, and we’re looking forward to it.  Among the cool things we’ll do:  visit a rainforest, kayak in a bio-luminecent bay at night, visit Old San Juan, snorkel, enjoy authentic pina coladas or other rum drinks!  Have you been there?  Any suggestions?  I’ll even be able to keep up my training – the resort we’re staying at has a lap pool…and I’m pretty sure my Garmin will work there to support my runs.  Alas, I’m not packing the bike.  Maybe I could hook up some aero bars on a beach cruiser bike…

Have a great day, y’all, and thanks for reading!


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  1. People who die in triathlons almost never die because of any contact. It is usually from a pre-existing condition. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, there was the young guy kicked and knocked unconscious last year who then drowned. It’s definitely a risk and a good reminder to prepare properly.

    I’ve been known to do a few mid-day workouts like an idiot in peak heat and every time I curse myself. But we have to acclimate right? 🙂

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