A week chock full of bricks

Ask any non-triathlete what masonry means to them, and you’ll get an answer along the lines of home construction or some secret Dan Brown type sect whose job it is to hide and protect the Holy Grail.  As a triathlete, and they will shake their head knowingly. 
Triathletes know that masonry equals brick workouts.  One discipline followed immediately by another. 
Often, bricks are bike/run bricks.  Folks go out for a ride of “X” intensity, and then follow up with run of “Y” intensity.
I like brick workouts, and I’m not sure why.  Maybe I’m a masochist.  (I think if you look up the term Triathlete in the dictionary, masochist is one of the key definitions).  Maybe I like approximating a race.  Maybe it’s just a good reason to stay outside longer.  I’m not sure.
The picture above (sorry for the poor quality) is a high-level view of my training week this week.  I’ve got the opportunity for 3 brick workouts this week.  I’m actually looking really forward to this weeks’ training.
Tonight’s brick:  60 minute swim followed by 60 minute bike.  It’s certainly not a “traditional” brick – but it will be a good workout nevertheless.
What’s your favorite brick?

4 thoughts on “Masonry

  1. I love brick workouts. There is something about conquering them that just makes you feel really confident and accomplished. At least, that is how I feel after one!

  2. I do a bunch of bricks too Joel. I used to do them because I thought it was the most effective way to train for specificity. Now I do them so I only have to wear one pair of workout clothes thus limiting the amount of laundry!

  3. I do bricks only leading up to an event though sometimes I like to throw in a recovery spin on the bike after a run. The one that kicks my butt is a brick interval workout. The back and forth multiple times really screws with the legs and mind. Pays off in duathlons though!

  4. I have never heard the term masonry used before! I don’t do a lot of bricks, but they are fun and really pay off.

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