The Running Prophet

If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, you know that I’m not the fleetest of foot when it comes to running.  Heck, even short-timers on this blog probably know that.

I plod along.  My goal during the running season this past year was to break two hours in a half marathon.  I was well on my way (see here, here, and here) – but unfortunately I didn’t quite make it.

Since then, I’ve been stuck around the nine minute mile pace.  I can run faster…but not for very long.  It seems like I always go out fast and then have to slow down. 

Well, it’s time I take action into my own hands.  I am seeking a higher power – a running mentor.  A pacer.  Someone to take my running to a new level.

I have a friend here in town who is MUCH FASTER than I.  This friend actually is one of the pastors at my church.  He’s also a Boston Marathon qualifier.  His easy day runs are at cheetah pace.  He will become my best buddy for the rest of the summer.  We’re going to spend at least one day a week running together.  It’s likely to be his rest day and my speed day – but we will accomplish something.

My goal?  Improve my running pace to something faster than where I’m at today.  I’d like to be able to consistenly turn miles in 8:30. 

Can I accomplish this?  I think so – it will be hard work.  But I’m appealing to a higher power.


3 thoughts on “The Running Prophet

  1. Not sure about running but I know when cycling with faster people it just means I’ll be dropped faster. I’m told that one day I’ll keep up. Good luck!

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