Holiday Weekend & More

America’s birthday party.  What an awesome holiday!

The TriMadness clan spent our weekend up in Atlanta.  Technically, we spent a good chunk of the weekend in the car on the way to and back from Atlanta – but that’s a different story.  We had scored some free tickets to Stone Mountain Park and a free hotel stay (courtesy of bad experiences at both over Christmas – yay for good customer service), so we decided to cash those in and visit with our friends at the same time. 

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Stone Mountain is just that – a giant stone mountain.  Literally a huge hunk of granite that sticks up out of the red Georgia clay.  We learned that the visable part of Stone Mountain is essentially the top of a huge – yet buried – mountain that sits near Atlanta.  The elevation at the top of the granite dome is 1686 feet above sea level – or about 900 feet above the surrounding territory.  Perhaps Stone Mountain is best known for a bas-relief carving of Confederate leaders Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis. 

While at Stone Mountain, we played on a low ropes course and hiked down & then up the dome.  The hike up the dome is 1.3 miles, with an elevation change of almost 800 feet.  The climb is pretty steep in some places and shadeless.  Needless to say, Sunday was cloudless and close to 95 degrees.  It was dang hot!  Jeff and I almost ran up the entire slope (literally and figuratively).  My legs were literally screaming by the time we reached the summit.

On Monday we made a pit stop at Wild Adventures – a small theme park in Valdosta, Georgia.  Imagine a bunch of farmland with a theme park stuck in the middle of it, and you’ll picture Wild Adventures.  It’s a relatively cute little park that is generally not too crowded.  If you like to people-watch, this is the place! 🙂  Anyway, there’s a water park there, so we stopped and let the kids experience the wave pool and slides.  On the way out, we also hit one of the nine roller coaster in the park. 

I know lots of folks enjoy blog contests.  I have hosted a few on my blog, and I’ve entered more than a few.  Unfortunately, I never win.  Here’s to hoping that will change.  I’ve entered a contest over at 26.2 is my Cooldown.  You can enter for your chance to win a Garmin device of your choice – and you can help support the fight against Cancer at the same time.  Head on over and check it out!

I’m contemplating entering a running race series the first weekend of August here in Jacksonville called Tour de Pain.  The Tour de Pain is an event where you race three races in 24 hours.  The first event is a 4-mile beach run on Friday evening.  On Saturday morning bright and early, you go run a 5k race.  Then on Saturday evening, you race 1-mile.  Your cumulative time for all three events determines your overall placement.  Overall, running eight miles doesn’t seem like that much – but keep in mind two things that are notorious here in Florida in early August.  HEAT and HUMIDITY.  For some reason, I really like doing series-type events.  I finished the Tri-2-B-Tuff series last fall…3 half marathons in 75 days. 

Stop back by the blog tomorrow – I’ve got a REALLY GOOD “Ten Questions With…” interview scheduled to post. 


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