Rain Runner

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Last night I had the opportunity to do something I hadn’t done in a long, long time – take a run in the rain.  I’d forgotten just how fun running in the rain can be!

When I left my house, the temps had dropped from above 90 to the mid 70’s (we’d had showers a good chunk of the afternoon), and it was sprinkling ever so lightly.  I thought that was an opportune time to get outside and beat the heat.

And boy was I right!  My run was amazing!  It felt more like springtime than mid-summer.  Mid way through my run the sprinkles became heavier, and I was running in a real shower!  Not a downpour, but a steady rain.  I splashed in puddles.  I kicked up so much water that my legs and shorts were soaked!  I looked just like I stepped out of a pool.  Awesomeness!

Running in the rain always brings back great memories of high school cross country.  We’d run rain or shine back then – and I recall one particular run where it was literally raining cats and dogs.  We finished our run on the high school baseball field – which was partially flooded.  The final part of our workout was sprinting dive & slides across the water (basically and old-fashioned slip n’ slide).  I loved that day, and I love remembering it.

Do you run in the rain?  Does it bring any special memories for you?


5 thoughts on “Rain Runner

  1. I love running and biking in the rain. It reminds me of being a child. We just took joy in being outside and being drenched!

  2. There is something fantastic about running in the rain, and it’s a nice break from all this heat. Glad you had a great run!

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