Must Do the Ironing

In 2009, I turned 40 years old.  I had (like lots of folks) several things that were on my “bucket list” of things that I wanted to accomplish before the end of the year.  One of those things was to run a marathon; the other to finish an Ironman. 

I dedicated the vast majority of the year towards training for these two events.  I crossed off my marathon goal in February when I finished 26.2 with Donna – the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. 

In August, I took a stab at crossing off the other goal by competing in Ironman Louisville.  Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get to cross it off.  I DNF’d at mile 132.  (That’s 18 miles into the marathon in case you’re counting).  By the time I returned to the start/finish line and was able to call my wife back in Florida, she had already gone online and paid a ton of money to get me a community fund spot at Ironman Florida – eight weeks later.

So, in early November 2009, I toed the line in the sand at Panama City and conquered my bucket list.  I finished the race, and achieved my goal of “just finishing”.

I think I’m finally eager to race another full distance triathlon.  No longer am I comfortable with “just finishing”.  I want to race.  I’ve been thinking about this for several months now.  I’ve run the idea past my CEO/COO (my wife).  I’ve chatted with friends about it.  I am almost over the mental hurdle that one must cross before committing themselves to an endeavor like this.

Now comes the hard part.  Deciding which race I want to do. 

I have defined a few parameters that most likely limit my choices.  For starters, I’m interested in a late summer or early fall race.  So that effectively knocks out a good chunk of the Ironman brand races.  Since I live and train in an area that is as flat as your bathtub, I’m probably not looking to do a “hilly” race.  That probably effectively reduces my selections as well.  I’d prefer to not travel too terribly far, but that factor is probably last on my decision tree.

At this point, I think my main options are Rev3 Cedar Point, Ironman Louisville (yes, I know it’s hilly – but I have a demon to slay there), Ironman Florida, Beach to Battleship and Great Floridian.  There may be other late season races out there that I am not familiar with – if there are, drop me a comment with details.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Must Do the Ironing

  1. when you first tweeted this I thought of Louisville for time of year you suggested…not knowing about your “history” with it. What about trying again?? Show them who’s boss 🙂

  2. The Great Floridian is supposed to be a very good race. At least that is what I have heard. I wish you the best of luck no matter which race you choose. You will rock it!

  3. I’d say go kick IM Louisville’s ass as an ego thing; I know I would have to. But that’s A LOT of causeway riding down there. B2B is flat and fast(as long as you don’t flat 3x…), and put on pretty well; i raced it in November. You can re-read my race report if you’re looking at it

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