Smells Like a Campfire

Smoke from nearby wildfires causes a haze to hang over the area (picture courtesy

Springtime & early summer are typically wildfire season in Florida.  This year has been no exception.  In fact, it’s probably been worse this year than the past several.  Normally, the fires are not close enough to where I live to cause any concern that we’ll be impacted by the flames. 
This year, the smoke from the fires has been just plain awful.  Imagine sticking your head in your fireplace or living right next to a campfire, and you get the idea.  The smoke has been so bad in the past several days that some schools have canceled classes or moved students to nearby schools.
I spent most of the weekend in south Florida with my son at a lacrosse tournament.  My plan was that upon returning back to Jax I’d take out the bike and get a couple of solid hours on the bike.  Well, the plan never materialized.
The temps in Jax this afternoon were thisclose to 100 degrees (98, to be exact).  The temps don’t really bother me.  What was awful was the smoky haze in the air.  Breathing was difficult.  It felt like I was choking with each breath.  The smoke burned my throat and made my eyes sting.  Needless to say, I didn’t go out for the ride.  I wanted to be able to breathe and not come back from a two-hour ride with brown lung or some other breathing condition.
The weather forecast doesn’t call for any rain in the near future – which means the fires (and smoke) will continue.  My only hope is that the sea breeze that we normally get around here picks up and moves the smoke away.  Otherwise, I’ll be spending a lot of time this week on a treadmill and bike trainer inside.  As if that sounds like fun.

4 thoughts on “Smells Like a Campfire

  1. Ran in am thick of yesterday. Considered heading back home but a 10 mile smokey run was better than 10 on a treadmill.

  2. We had a bad fire season in Texas too but luckily no smoke in my locale this year. I think I would’ve been training indoors or seeking out an event to travel to.

  3. In Colorado Springs there is a nasty haze of smoke in the air as well. There is a fire in Arizona and we get all their smoke. My asthma has been going crazy. I sound like Darth Vader all the time and particularly when I am working out. Not good! So I feel your pain and wish you the best!

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