A New Home for TriMadness!

Welcome to the new home of TriMadness!

You’ll see that the information is the same, just the look and feel are different.  I’ve made the move from Blogger to WordPress – for a couple of reason.  Namely, the look & feel is a little cooler than what I had on Blogger.

You’ll find a few new features here (and more to come).  Some of the features:

  • Featured Posts – I’ll highlight some of my more popular posts in the featured section
  • Random Thoughts – short little tidbits that will show up on the bottom of the page
  • Photo Page – This is a slideshow of some shots of me or that I’ve taken

More changes forthcoming.  Please be patient as I work through everything!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “A New Home for TriMadness!

  1. I want to do this, make the switch. Don’t care about the blogger “followers” but is there a way to stay on people’s reading lists with WP?

    • Hey – Thanks for the comment. You can keep WP blogs on your radar through a couple of ways:

      1. If you use Google Reader, just click on the “Add a Subscription” button. Enter the blog address (in my case: trimadnessblog.wordpress.com) and hit enter. Your Google reader will be updated all nice & pretty.
      2. You can add to Google Dashboard in a similar fashion. On your Dashboard, click on the “Add” button. Enter the blog address (trimadnessblog.wordpress.com) and hit enter. You can also select “Import from Google Reader” if you have already done step # 1.
      3. If you have a widget on your blog that links to blogs when they are updated, all you will have to do is go into the properties of that widget to update the web address.
      4. You can always click on the “subscribe here” link on my homepage and you’ll get an email each time I update the blog
      5. Last but not least, if you follow me on Twitter (@trimadness) you’ll see that WP automatically Tweets when I add a new post.

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