>CEP Compression Contest Winner Announcement

>It seems like there are a ton of people out in cyberland that want to know something about CEP Compression. I had several hundred hits on the post the first day I posted it, which was a nice surprise. Even more interesting is that folks from all over the world hit that post.

There was a significant amount of interest in the Tri Madness / CEP Compression giveaway as well! Thanks so much for entering.

To recap, you could have secured yourself up to three entries through a combination of leaving a comment here on my blog, following CEP Compression’s blog, friending them on Facebook, following me on Twitter and tweeting that you entered the contest. Several folks did, in fact, earn themselves more than one entry. As folks entered the contest, I added their name to an Excel file for tracking purposes.

To pick the winner, I pointed my trusty web browser to random.org (which should be renamed as blogcontestwinnerpicker.org as I think almost everyone who does a contest on their blog uses this website to pick a winner). Entered in the parameters for how many entries I had in the contest…

Clicked on the random number generator and let blogcontestwinnerpicker.org pick the winning number….

I then went back to my Excel file to see who corresponded to that number.

And the winner is….


So, if you are HavetoTri, head over to the Contact Me page and drop me an email with all your vitals (name, address, email address, social security number, 3 credit card numbers, passport number, name of firstborn child, etc) so I can make sure that your prize gets to you. Oh – and you don’t really need to add anything other than name, address, and email.

Stay tuned for more contests down the road. Thanks for playing!!!

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  1. >dang! i got all excited when i saw my name on the first screen (jenniferleah)congrats to the real winner!! can't wait to read the rev 3 knox recap!!

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