>A Head Bangin’ Good Time

>So occasionally I do something really dumb. Last night was one such night. Thought I’d share the story with you.

I go to swim. I do my warm up, my drill set and my kick set. Part of my main set included a 1000 swim. Now, I’m really pretty good about just zoning out on those longer swims. I mean it’s not like I have to pay attention or anything…just follow the black line and turn when I’m supposed to. Apparently, for me part of that is fairly difficult – or at least it was last night.

I was about 750 yards into the 1000. Just cruising along. I guess I was thinking about something, but I’m not sure what. I was coming up to the end of the lane, and I know I saw the black “T” at the end of the lane…but it didn’t register anything. Next thing I know, I crashed full force into the wall — with my head! Hurt like a mother! Made me bite my tongue and I had an immediate headache that lasted until I went to sleep. This morning, the entire top of my head is sore – feels like I’ve got an egg on the top of my head (which isn’t good because of the “normal” size of my melon being as big as it is).

I felt like such an idiot. There were swim team kids all around, another dude in my lane, and of cause the lifeguards. I did a quick scan around, and it didn’t look like anyone noticed. At least no one was laughing at me. And no one came rushing over to see how I was feeling.

I’m such an idiot.

Have you done anything as boneheaded as this???


7 thoughts on “>A Head Bangin’ Good Time

  1. >I've come thisclose to doing that many, many times. Close enough that I'm sure one of these days I'm going to follow through! Hope your head feels better!

  2. >Wow. I thought that I zone out really easily, but that takes the cake!How do you even go head first into the wall without hitting one of your hands first? Must've been the perfect timing right between strokes.

  3. >I've done stuff like that plenty of times. I swear I've swam in my sleep during 5:30am practices in high school! The worst are the outdoor pool walls… they all seem harder and rougher!-Elaine

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