>New Addition to the Family


Last week, some new additions joined the Tri Madness family.  A new set of wheels!
For a long, long time I’ve wanted a set of aero wheels.  Like many folks, I’ve gazed longingly at Zipps, Hed’s and other brands of wheels.  Last year, I interviewed Chris Thornham from Flow Wheels, a start-up company making aero wheels.
But the wheels have always been out of reach.  I could never justify dropping close to $2500 bucks for a new set of Zipp wheels.  So, I went down the path of renting them a couple of times.  I enjoyed the “free speed”, even though it wasn’t exactly free. 
I had my eye on buying a set of used Zipps earlier this year for about $1500.  Certainly a good deal, but still…a lot of money.  Instead, I bought a 60″ LCD TV and new furniture to turn a play room into a media room.  Those purchases made for a happy family, if not a faster dad.
And then, last Friday night at a tri club social, I met a guy who was selling his Spinergy wheels.  For $400.  We talked about the wheels.  They are literally brand new.  He bought them the second week of December and put only 350 miles on them.  He’s upgrading to a set of Zipp 808’s that he found for $1000.  So…I met him Monday night to inspect them, and liked what I saw.  Now they are mine.
I’ve yet to ride them – but I’m looking forward to it. 
I know that Spinergy aren’t likely in the same class as a set of higher dollar wheels, but the fact of the matter is that they are aero, and should offer some wind cheating over and above the stock wheels that I had.  Nevertheless, they are an upgrade for me!
So, Spinergys, welcome to the family.  Get ready to get used!


8 thoughts on “>New Addition to the Family

  1. >One day……Of course, I can always borrow Arnie's next year since he is doing the Channel…..And then he will lose interest in IM and I can just "borrow" them full time…..Hmmmmm, damn good plan (sorry just thinking here)

  2. >Sweet find! Patience pays off. It is crazy how something as simple as a new pair of wheels makes a bike SO much sexier.

  3. >Dang Smokin deal! You tri club buddy got a deal on the 808's too!Look good on the Qroo – you'll gain even a little more speed when you swap out those bomb-proofed gatorskins for some conti 4000's too!!

  4. >Nice ride and awesome find with the wheels. I'd love to get a set next season … good luck with them!

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