>Ten Questions With…Professional Triathlete Amanda Lovato

>Amanda Lovato is one half of triathlon’s most famous couples.  She grew up in Maryland, attended Old Dominion University before transferring to the University of Knoxville.  She’s had a great career thus far, both as an amateur and as a professional.  Her specialty is the 70.3 distance, with a notable victory at Ironman 70.3 in Pucon.

Amanda and her husband Michael split the year between Boulder and Austin, TX.

And now, sit back and enjoy Ten Questions With…Amanda Lovato.

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TM:  Tell us about your race in Puerto Rico. You had to withdraw due to breathing troubles. What happened, and are you feeling better now?

AL:  Yes, thank you. I am feeling much better now. I have been suffering with Hiatal Hernia since 2005. Since I have not taken care of it surgically, I take series of medications to help control it. However, I ditched all of my medication last November thinking that I could control it naturally with diet. Obviously, I was wrong. The hernia causes a lot pressure on my diaphragm which sets off a reflex reaction with my breathing. After my poor performances at Costa Rica and Puerto Rico I am back on my medication and feeling better than ever.

TM:  When you travel for a race like Puerto Rico or Rev3 Costa Rica, how much sightseeing and exploring do you get to do?

AL:  When I travel to an exotic place like Costa Rica or Puerto Rico I don’t get to sight see as much as I would like to. The days leading up to the race, I am concerned about getting my workouts in and making sure that my equipment is in tip top shape. I am concerned about eating right and I am concerned about getting a lot of sleep. After the race I am usually a lot more relaxed, however, I am usually on the plane taking me back home within 48hours.

TM:  Many professionals use homestays when they travel. How do you find a homestay, and what makes one “great”?

AL:  Michael and I have always enjoyed “homestays”. We usually get hooked up with a home stay through the race director. Michael and I have been lucky to always have GREAT homestays. “Great” to me means a clean home and cool people. Folks that have a dog are usually a PLUS πŸ™‚

TM:  Excluding some of the more exotic locales, what has been your favorite race venue and why?

AL:  Hands down: PUCON 70.3. Obviously, I enjoyed it because I had a great experience by winning the race. But what really stands out to me about the race is how beautiful it was. It is probably one of the most gorgeous race venues that I have experienced.

TM:  Nutrition and recovery are so vital to athletes in general and to triathletes specifically. How do you approach your nutrition?

AL:  I try to eat “from the earth”. I eat lots of fruits and veggies and I try to not eat as many processed foods except for in training. I use EFS mild grape and the vanilla liquid shot in training and racing. And I use Ultragen to recover.

TM:  Betty Designs came up with the design for the Team Trakkers/Rev3 kits. How involved were you in that process?

AL:  I was not involved in the design process. Kristin has been designing TEAM Lovato’s kits for the past several years. The only thing that I encouraged was for TRAKKERS to use Kristin. I love her eye for design. I don’t think there are very many designers as talented as Kristin. We were lucky to have her agree to design the TRAKKERS kits.

TM:  During a race, lots of age groupers chat it up with each other (OK, maybe that’s just me). How much do you and other professionals interact with each other while out on the course?

AL:  We usually try to give a thumbs up or a “good job”.

TM:  You grew up in a house of equestrian riders. Did you ever want to take up riding as a sport?

AL:  Absolutely, but it is an EXTREMELY expensive sport. Growing up in the horse world, I was witness to my parents dreams, dedication, wins, and let downs first hand. Every morning started at 4am. And the day didn’t end until 8 or 9pm. I guess my dedication to triathlon is the same, but a bit different.

TM:  How cool is it for you to go back to Knoxville to race Rev3 knowing that you graduated from the University of Tennessee?

AL:  Pretty darn cool…:) I was especially excited to see my name on the Athlete Wall of Fame on campus last year for the first time. And I was excited to swim in the UT pool. When I was a cross country/track runner, I spent every Thursday with my team water running in that pool. Back then I didn’t know how to swim. I have a real appreciation for the pool now.

TM:  So you went to a school known for football and so did Michael (at the University of Texas). Do you guys follow football at all, and is there any trash talking between you as to which school is better?

AL:  I didn’t really follow football in college and neither one of us follow it now. However there is a bit of trash talk between us as I went to REAL UT! πŸ™‚

You can learn more about Amanda by checking out her webpage here or by following her on Twitter here.


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