>A Hurricane Warning for Florida

>News reports indicate that a highly powerful Category 5 Hurricane has landed upon the shores of Northeast Florida! Indications are that this Hurricane has the potential to generate massive wakes, extreme hydrodynamics, and record setting output.

Before you tune your television to the Weather Channel looking for a Jim Cantore sighting, let me assure you that this Hurricane is just about the only type that is actually welcome to land in Florida. It’s not a tropical cyclone type hurricane…it’s the TYR Hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit!

Last week I received this top-of-the-line wetsuit, and I’m so terribly excited. The Cat 5 wetsuit is TYR’s most technically advanced suit – featuring two types of Yamamoto neoprene (type 39 – which is the most buoyant neoprene; and type 40 – which is the lightest neoprene), raised arm catch pads, quick reflex ankles, and a 360 degree core stabilization system (to better hold in my … Ahem … Beer gut).

While I haven’t put in an open water swim in this new suit yet, I have taken a couple of very brief pool swims. I’ve got to tell you, this is one sweet suit. It fits perfectly, and without the normal constraining feeling that I get with wetsuits. I feel like I have significantly more range of motion in my shoulder area as well.
Once I have the chance to get out into the Atlantic with this wetsuit, I’ll post a more complete review. Suffice it at this point, however, that I think this will be one hell of a storm!


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