>It’s a Good Life

>Team Hoyt. You know who they are. It’s the father and son team that has been featured on so many episodes of the annual Hawaii Ironman show. Team Hoyt is the father who pushes his quadriplegic son as they run road races, do triathlons, and win over the hearts and minds of so many folks.

It’s a love story unlike any other. A son who loves to run and bike and swim. A father who loves his son and so he runs and bikes and swims.

Only, the son is no longer a child (he’s 50 now). The father is no longer spry (he’s in his 70’s).

Did you know that together the Hoyts have competed in more than 1000 races? That’s a lot for any person’s career. Knowing that Dick has pushed, pulled and carried his son for that many races is awe inspiring.

On Monday, Dick and Rick competed in the Boston Marathon for the 29th time, and finished the race in 7:03:04. This wasn’t the Hoyt’s fastest run ever (they’ve gone sub-3 hours before), but they were there.

You can find all kinds of inspiring stories and articles about the Hoyts online. There are You Tube videos aplenty.

Sports Illustrated just published a very good article about the Hoyts here. It’s a great read – it gives a glimpse through a window into the Hoyt’s life and why running and triathlon create such a good life for both Dick and Rick.

These guys are such an inspiration to me. I’m often amazed at how much Dick has given to his son, and I wonder would I do the same were I in his shoes. I’d love to say that I think I would. At the very least, I’ve been moved by Dick’s unbridled love for his son, Rick’s passion for endurance sports, and Dick’s willingness to go the distance for his son.


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  1. >I was lucky enough to get to meet the Hoyts at the Timberman 70.3 last year. Someone who is in the background and is almost never mentioned is Judy – mom, wife, and sherpa to the incredible team. She is amazing and a big part of the teams success, and I found chatting with her equally as inspiring as talking with Rick and Dick.

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