>No-Shoulders Returns

>Just about 12 months ago, I wrote about my love/hate relationship with snakes (here).  As I said then, and will say again & again, I don’t really like snakes.  I don’t mind looking at them when they are in a glass cage at a zoo or when they are on TV.  In fact, I sort of like them then.

Take, for example, the friendly little timber rattlesnake.  Just two weekends ago, my family and I visited a zoo.  While we were in the snake house, we stopped at the timber rattlesnake display because the back door was open.  My first thought went to this story.  In reality, what was going on was that a snake handler was cleaning out the cage.  When he put the snake back into the cage using one of those poles with a hook on the end thingies, the snake did a quick about-face and took a swing at the handler.  He missed, luckily, but it reminded me of why I’m not a fan of snakes.

I rarely see snakes in Florida though (luckily). 

Except for last night. 

I was minding my own business, completing my moderately hard brick workout, when I noticed up the road a lady on the sidewalk screaming and running away (very quickly).  As I got closer, I noticed a nice big, long, human-eating snake coiled up on the sidewalk.  (Shiver).  Of course, I didn’t stop to offer assistance.  In fact, I pedaled harder.  Hit 30mph in a jiffy.  Never looked back.  The lady could be dead by now…bitten by said people eater.  Although I doubt it.  I’m sure the snake got scared and slithered away.

It all reminded me of how darn glad I am that spring has sprung.  (yeah, right).

And for those of you keeping score, my ride last night was much better than Sunday’s.  20 miles in 59 minutes with an average HR of 153.  Followed by a 2 mile run in 17:15.  I felt AWESOME.


5 thoughts on “>No-Shoulders Returns

  1. >I am so spoiled by living in Maine – there are no poisonous snakes. So I grew up loving snakes. Still do. I used to pick them up and wrap them around my arms…If mom made me wear a dress, I would go find a snake and make it pee on me. We were like partners in crime. ha ha

  2. >I saw a snake on my ride this weekend. It was a little one that look much like a twig. Unfortunately, I figured out it wasn't a twig as I was running over it! Whoops!

  3. >The mr no-necks are back in TX big time. Already have seen a few on my runs and rides. Trail running and running on the greenbelts are dead to me until about Nov.And copychic is right, the stupid Moccasins are the worst – those damn things will come after you!

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