>The Rite of Spring

>There once was a time when I longed to visit some tropical setting each spring.  You see, the annual event that we know as Spring Break was once a time to be consumed with girl-watching, drinking vast amounts of alcohol, watching girls, using the worst pick-up lines on the planet to try to hook up with aforementioned girls, and getting a class A case of sunburn.

Recently, this annual rite has taken on a new dimension for me.

You see, no longer do I have the youthful exuberance of a college man.  Today, I have the yoke of middle ageness to bear.  In lieu of bikinis and beers, I have yard work, chores, and bills to pay.  Kids to drive places. 

Spring Break has come and gone.  There was no tropical paradise had.  No booze in a blender to render a frozen concoction to help me hang on.  No front porch swing sitting.  My toes were not in the water, my ass not in the sand.

And yet, Spring Break was great.  I feel recharged.  Tanned, even.  Relaxed.  Trained.  Centered.  And (surprise) I worked the entire week.  I just adopted a Spring Break attitude.

5 thoughts on “>The Rite of Spring

  1. >Ha I love "my toes were not in the water, my ass was not in the sand" ha haI am glad you had a good spring break! Wish I did, I like the idea of getting a spring break attitude.

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