>Humidity is a State of Mind

>I am so excited that spring has arrived here in the Sunshine State.

Long gone are the cold blustery nights we had back in January (low temps in the 30’s, high’s in the 40’s and 50’s).  Even the typical spring winds have strarted to die down some.  Most flowers and trees are blooming, and the semi-annual pollen parade is almost over as well (my blue car was tired of having a yellow-green tint to it all the time).

And now comes the real fun.  The return of that notorious Florida humidity.

I love it!

Alright, let’s openly admit that some of you might think I’m a little off my rocker for publicly declaring that, but it’s true.  I love humidity. 

Some people complain because it gets so muggy here that you literally can sweat off two pounds in between your car and your office door (at 7am).  I, on the other hand, actually enjoy it.  I love the feel.  The heaviness.  The moisture.  The tropical feel of it all (now if I could just get my yard to look like some tropical island).

To many, training and racing in humidity can be a chore.  To me, it’s the norm.  While you may say the humidity is real, I say it’s just a lifestyle.  A state of mind.

And I’m glad it’s coming back.

7 thoughts on “>Humidity is a State of Mind

  1. >I would pay to love humidity the way you do. I can't stand it. I spend March through September feeling like I have a second skin from the moisture in the air.

  2. >Ha ha It is so funny how where you live and what you are used to make such a difference. I am laughing at "blustery" and 30's in the same sentence. But you will be laughing at me this summer when we have, like a week of 80's-90's and humidity and I am WHINING about how the humidity and heat.

  3. >I wish our winds would die down some!! there is a cold front coming through early next week and I am hoping it takes the winds with it!!As for the humidity, living in Houston makes me an expert on this subject, I really do not hate it or love it … it just is. When you living in it your body does become acclimated but it is still hot. Yesterday was 86degrees with about 80% humidity. I ran at 6pm when it was really warm just to start getting the acclimated feeling. It was uncomfortable but it is better to do this now than wait until races begin. I've actually been doing all of my long runs in the middle of the day just to run in the heat and humidity.

  4. >Glad someone likes it! Coming from the Pacific Northwest, the 60 degree day we had yesterday was kind of balmy. I'd die in Florida….

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