>Numb No More

>So guys, you ever have problems down there?

No.  I don’t mean the kind of problems that cause you to stockpile Viagra like a person living in the south stocks up on bread at the first whisper of snow or a college student hoards beer for spring break. 

You know.  The other kind of problem.  Numbness.  Like the kind you get after a long bike ride tucked in your aero bars.

It can be a problem.  You may have experienced it before.  I have a friend who told me once he went numb for so long he thought about going to the hospital.  He was out for TWO.  WHOLE.  DAYS.  (Oh my God!!!)  Talk about really needing Viagra!

I used to have that problem.  No longer.  Now, I ride with a king-sized pillow in between my rump and my saddle.  OK.  Not really.  I actually retrofitted my bike’s saddle with 2.5 pounds of memory foam.  Ha!  Not that either.

My solution?  I got a new bike seat for Christmas.  I am in love.  No longer do I go numb.  In fact, I hardly have pain at all as I feel like I’m riding on a cloud.  OK, that last sentence was a lie.  Bike saddles aren’t like sitting in an easy chair, but they can be comfortable if you get the right design and have it set up correctly.

I’m currently riding on a Profile Designs Airstrike saddle.  It’s worked wonders for me, and I am numb no more.


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  1. >I always love it when a guy shows up with his new $3K bike and has on the stock saddle??? When asked about the stock saddle they usually claim it just needs broken in!!! (thinking of two friends from a recent 80mi ride)They both got new saddles after above ride due to the numbness!!Glad you and your boys are digging the new saddle!

  2. >I had bad numbness once when I first got started biking. Scared the hell out of me but haven't had any problems since. I ride an Fizik Arione Tri2 saddle on each of my bikes.

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