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>It’s been a while since I’ve written and given any updates on Trakkers/Rev3. If you frequent many of the blogs of my teammates, no doubt you’ve seen some of this information before. No matter, I’ll put the infamous “TriMadness” spin on the news.

Team Related News:

This year’s age-group team is a force to be reckoned with! We’re a big group (39 of us), and we’re spread all over the country. There are some super-stud athletes on the team, lots of folks who describe themselves as “middle of the pack” and then you have a few slowpokes like me. We come from all walks of life – business owners, students, former military (Marines & Army), stay-at-home mom’s, politicians, teachers. Several on the team are coaches, a few are new to triathlon, one’s a self professed “volume junkie”. Our job this year – to pump up Rev3 races, the Trakkers GPS device, and our sponsors….and have fun doing it.

We’re well into 2011 now and just as the line-up for both the Trakkers/Rev3 Elite team and Age Group teams changed – so did some of the sponsors.

Returning sponsors:

The Trakkers/Rev3 team is supported again in 2011 these tremendous partners: Kestrel Bikes, First Endurance, SPR Sports, and All3Sports.com.

As you may know, Kestrel is the official bike sponsor of the team; many of us on the team will be sporting new Kestrels during the 2011 race season. The hot rod bike for the year is the 4000 LT.

I’m so very excited that First Endurance is back on as the official nutrition provider for the team. I’ve raved about First Endurance products several times on the blog, and I’ll continue to do so – as their products are that good. I absolutely love EFS drink and Liquid Shot – my absolute favorite recovery fix is Cappuccino flavored Ultragen.

SBR Sports provides some essential goodies to make the first part of our sport more comfortable and appealing. TriSlide is a superior spray lubricant. It can be used to facilitate entry & exit from a wetsuit, to eliminate hot spots, and reduce chafing. Foggle is perhaps the best anti-fog product I’ve used. TriSwim shampoo, body wash, and conditioner help keep us from smelling like we’ve just bathed in chlorine!

New Sponsors:

Trakkers/Rev3 has a new shoe sponsor this year: Avia! These triathlon-specific, technologically advanced shoes are all the rage! Seriously, crack open any triathlon related magazine and you’ll see tons of media about these shoes. I’m getting used to my Avi-Lite training shoes, and cannot wait to give my Avi-Bolt racing flats a try (reviews forthcoming).

TYR joins the team as the official wetsuit and swim provider. TYR doesn’t really need much of an introduction, as their quality and product line is well known to anyone who spends any amount of time in the water. This year, the entire team will be swimming in Hurricane wetsuits; look for reviews later this spring!

We will all be wearing some amazing Betty Designs race kits supplied by Canari. Betty Designs makes some of the coolest tri-kit designs on the planet. This year’s kit keeps the way cool Gang Green color scheme. As you may know, Canari purveys top quality cycling and tri clothing.

I’m very excited to share that Recovery Pump is joining the team this year. The Recovery Pump system is an Active Pneumatic Compression System that is used by endurance athletes to clear metabolic waste from legs. We’re all familiar with passive compression (socks, sleeves, shorts, etc). Active compression takes the recovery and training benefits from passive compression to stratospheric levels.

Rev3 Triathlon News

Just as there’s lots of news on the sponsor front, there are so many things to share about Rev3 that are new for 2011!

First and foremost, the Rev3 race season kicked off a couple of weekends ago with a spectacular race down in Costa Rica! The race was a weekend-long full of activities and various races (from kids’ races to the professional Olympic race). Next up on the race schedule for Rev3: Knoxville on May 15th. New to the Rev3 series this year (in addition to Costa Rica) are races in Portland, OR on July 10 and Anderson, SC during the weekend of October 9 & 10th. I’ll personally be racing in Knoxville and Anderson, and can’t wait. If you’re on the fence about racing, here’s an additional enticement. Contact me about getting $10 off your race entry! To learn more about the Rev3 Triathlon series, click here.

Rev3 returns with an Age Group Points Series again in 2011. This year, Rev3 will pay out a prize package of $20,000 to the top five age-group men and women. The way the series works is that athletes must complete in at least two featured races of various distances from the series. Basically, the Age Group champion must complete at least two races of different lengths (example, 1 Olympic and 1 Half, or 1 Half and 1 Full) to be eligible. This is a really unique feature of the Rev3 series that you won’t find with other national races.

Additionally, this year, Rev3 races will include a Tri-Club Challenge at each of their races. Any club that has a minimum of ten racers (five male, five female) compete in the featured race is eligible to win $1000 to All3sports. If you’re interested in details on the Tri-Club Challenge, either leave a comment or send me an email from the Contact Me page.

Finally, Rev3 has joined forces this year with the Ulman Cancer Fund (UCF) for Young Adults. The UCF is the national leader in providing support for young people impacted by cancer. Each year, more than 40,000 young adults (15-40) are diagnosed with Cancer. UCF’s mission is to create awareness in the medical field about the special needs of younger patients and to help empower patients with practical and emotional tools to help them deal with this dread disease. Rev3 has created a fundraising program in coordination with each race in the series. Click here for more information.


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