>Crashing the Party

>I’m t-minus 5 days until my first “big” race of the year – the 26.2 with Donna: The National Marathon to End Breast Cancer. Generally, at this juncture I am excited, well-rested, and feeling like I’m at or close to peaking. Well, today I’m feeling achy, stuffy, sneezy, coughy, and congested.

I have a cold.

It’s not just any cold, either. It’s a full-blown, 15-pound bowling-ball-on-my-chest, hacking-until-my-back-hurts, I-want-to-stay-curled-up-in-my-bed kind of cold. The kind you’re not supposed to exercise with. (You know the adage…”ok to exercise if it’s above the neck, no-go if it’s below”).

Frankly, it’s not surprising that Mr. Mucus decided to show up and crash my marathon party. I’ve been totally burning the candle at both ends. Work has been….significant. Over the past ten days I’ve had some additional stress related to a family medical issue (which, thankfully, appears to be resolved). I haven’t slept much. I sure as hell haven’t been eating well.

So now, I’m 120 hours away from my race, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to toe the line. If the race were today – I’d pull a Chrissie Wellington. I’m optimistic I’ll be better by Sunday morning. I have plans on sleeping well this week. I am going to hydrate as if I were a camel. I’m going to eat fruits and veggies as if I were a vegetarian who just escaped from a Brazilian steakhouse. Vitamins will be my friend. I’ve decided that unless I feel significantly worse, I’m not going to visit a doctor. I am positive this is a viral thing – and there’s nothing a doctor can do about a cold virus except tell me to do what I’ve outlined above.

I’m open to suggestions – what do you do to expedite the course of the common cold? Let me know – it it’s not too outlandish, I might just give it a try!

14 thoughts on “>Crashing the Party

  1. >Oh no! Sleeping it off in a Nyquil-induced coma usually does the trick for me. If that's not an option, there are some good organic teas that help with lung function and congestion. I hope you start feeling better!

  2. >Positive thinking! Tea, a quick visit to the chiro for some neck stuff (it has helped me before), drinking water like it's your job, bed as soon as you can! I am cheering for you!

  3. >Cranberry juice has more vitamin c than orange juice. I highly suggest it. I also use the zinc cold ez when feeling sick. Finally, use a neti pot. It will clear you up right away.

  4. >Sleep! I also like to drink a lot of Nuun or other electrolytes. I feel like it helps. You are going to do great. My little bro is running the race as well.

  5. >oh no! I usually do the following when I first feel a cold coming on: – SLEEP (including naps)- clean ears with hydrogen peroxide (if you're sick you'll hear it bubbling)- Airborne tea: when you mix Airborne with hot water it looks like a science experiment; leave a lot of room in the top of the glass!- zinc (there's now a tongue spray)feel better!

  6. >I might be just making this up, but sometimes it seems like a dip in a chlorinated pool helps the killing-germs process along. Certainly it clears your sinuses. But don't do it if you're not up to it.

  7. >Sucky about the cold. I use Mucinex if I have bad mucus…and then use Zycam spray for breathing through my nose better. I usually drink lots of tea…Plus I drink a lot of water (Emergan-C dosed) and try to sleep.Feel better!

  8. >REALLY ?? Thats just some cruel shite ! Hot tea and soups with Nyquil chasers. THere is now good way out, feel better my friend.

  9. >Crap! I just went through the same thing in Jan! It sucks I know..since we can't "plan" when to get sick. I did "race" though I woudn't call it race-I participated as best I could-chucked the ego out the window….and in the end I was glad I did because it is certainly a mental toughness day. I hope you're doing bettr by the weekend!!

  10. >Man, I wish I had some good "this worked for me" ideas, but I had the same virus and nothing worked. I rested, chicken soup, drugs – the only thing that broke it was time. I do love the netti pot for temp. relief. I hope you are feeling better!!!!

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