>The Hunter

>I see you.

Up ahead.  300 yards or so.  Running. 

I see you.  And I will catch you.  I will hunt you down.

200 yards.  I’m gaining on you.  My tempo has picked up.  My turnover is faster.  You will lose.

100 yards.  Closer.

100 feet.  I hear your feet hit the concrete.  You may hear mine.  I will pass you.  Like you are standing still.

10 feet.  Time to go.  Time to find another gear.  Not only will I pass you, I will drop you.  You will suffer.  You will be dejected.  I’ve hunted you for less than a mile.  I’ve caught you, passed you, and spit you out the back like you were moving backwards.

For you were the hunted; I the hunter.

Last night’s run was a reprise of the Five Mile Time Trial.  This was my first hard effort since my calf issue in December.  Considering I ran 4 miles yesterday morning to start the day, I felt amazing on this run.  I was smooth.  My form was good.  I felt fast!  Not a land-speed record – but damn good for me!  43:46.

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