>The TriMadness Coaching Survey

>Triathlon isn’t a complicated sport, per se.  I mean – it’s not hard.  You swim.  You bike.  You run.  Not too complicated, right? 

Umm…not so fast.

In reality, there’s lots of variables that go into our sport…nutrition, hydration, equipment, workout design, motivation, bike repair skills, etc.  Many of us utilize the services of professionals to help us better prepare for, and race in, triathlons.  Those professionals?  Coaches.  They may be professional triathletes that you and I read about in magazines and on the web, or they may be no-names…folks who are successful triathletes in their own right, but chose to share their skillset with others.

I am currently working on an upcoming blog series relating to the coach-athlete dynamic, and I’d like your help.  Please take a moment and complete the TriMadness Coaching Survey.  I swear, it will take you less than five minutes to complete (actually, it should take less than two minutes…I padded the time just in case you are keyboard &/or mouse challenged).

Please click here to go and take the survey!

Thanks for reading (and for participating)!!!


9 thoughts on “>The TriMadness Coaching Survey

  1. >Done! I agree with Jennifer's comment…I text, email, phone, and we have a google page. Looking forward to the article.

  2. >Done! Agree with the other ladies, I interact with my coach in many different ways: in personal, phone, text, mail and website.

  3. >Can't wait to read. I am so thankful for my coach not only for the plans but partially for the cheerleader telling me I can do things and making me work harder to achieve more!

  4. >Done!! Loved it and I added a personal comment as well :)PS: you do need an option for: social media, text, email and call..Amanda and I used all of those..ha!

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